dream windmillAssociation: – By virtue of the movement, – stimulating strength. Question: – Which powerful thoughts move me?

In general:

As a dream symbol she can stand for the right use of resources. Because wind symbolises the mind, the windmill stands for the right use of the intellectual abilities.



The windmill is a picture for the harvest of the fruits of human work. Because it is also a camp for seeds in certain manner, it can represent in the dream the female or the mother.


The windmill shows many facets of the spiritual intellect which finds out suggestion again by own spiritual forces.



  • two see general: one will be soon got involved in the conflict of two people, – one should strive to seize for none of both parties,
  • see one: your occupation gives to you pleasure,
  • in way: you are fond of work, – a good progress in the professional life, – also: if the reminder also contains to strive forward by continual diligence and work instead of by recklessness,
  • standing still: you are sluggish, – stagnation in the shops,
  • against wind wing to begin is not advisable.

(European ones).:

  • see: tells unsafe relations in, – some profit, however, only of smaller kind, – warns about recklessness, because now help only diligence and perseverance,
  • with turning wings see: refers to growing wealth and satisfaction,
  • defective or standing still ones: points to unexpectedly breaking need,
  • windmill wings, by them or a Mühlrad are grasped: if a serious relationship tells in.


    you can reach

  • by diligence a lot.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Windmill

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