dream whisperIf the dreaming hears a whisper in his dream, this says him that he must hear on somebody or a little bit very carefully. It is really a shout after attention. The whisper could also mean that he does not know everything about a real situation in his life.


At the spiritual level whisper can symbolise concealed information or occult knowledge.




  • you has opponent, take in eight before them,
  • hear: one has secrets before you and no trust.

(European ones).:

  • are affected by defamation of character, – also: a rumour is confirmed, – financial profits are to the hand,
  • hear as an advice or warning: one needs help and assistance.

(See also clap) Flood Association: – overpowering emotions. Question: – Which feelings are menacing for me?


Flood (flood) shows an overpowering strength in the dream. She expresses fears of unaware psychic contents which can suddenly climb and flood the consciousness, – then one should try to admit only bit by bit them without edging out them once more. If the flood comes and the dykes hold, points to our opposition strength which can resist all powers. Could fight against the flood and get on, besides be a, tip that one gets the upper hand in the fight against a repressive respect. To dream of her also indicates often to be afraid of sinking (and ‘drowning’) in own feeling waves. Who is enthusiastic in the dream in the surf falls and rides ‘the waves’, is in love in all probability freshly and wants to accept the emotional and erotic challenge in every variation. In addition, low tide and flood are valid as a symbol for the rhythm of the life – for relaxation and tension.



  • see or hineingeraten: To strife with close relatives or friends, – or you is pressed by Gläubigern hard, – It is very much heavy to you, but you will get over it with deliberation.
  • see coming up to himself: inevitably become decisions may not be put off further, because the development becomes, otherwise, about a way there flood.


  • This symbol believes that a great danger comes up to the person concerned, and recommends him not to overestimate himself and to leave not too much on his restricted forces. He should consider on time who could help him, and ask the person for her help. In general the sign sends a reminder not to underestimate the powers of the life and the power of the foreign regulation.

(European ones).:

  • is a sign for progress in the matters,
  • with many waves see: one should put off a longest due decision no longer, otherwise a negative development will flood you,
  • destroys them big regions: the negatives in the life against which one has to do himself anstemmen – promise illnesses, losses in the commercial life and an extremely unhappy situation in the marriage,
  • and low tide see: varying luck,
  • announces to the sailor a happy trip, or, otherwise, an event which will touch near the dreaming.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Whisper(s)

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