dream wartAssociation: – annoying growth, – ugliness. Question: – Where in my life I am ready to be more attractive?

In general:

Every defacement which appears in dreams can be interpreted as a tip for the fact that the view of the dreaming of the world is distorted. Wart can indicate own weaknesses from which one fears that other they recognise that one is shown up. If one sees them with others, one will recognise with a being close person a weakness and been disappointing.



In himself or to his person visible warts point to disadvantageous qualities. One can resist own weaknesses with which of the dreamt people one should consider in the awake life whom it has concerned to be able to appear itself better to him. National myths and folk medicine maybe have warts and her removal on the subject. As dream contents they refer to the part in the dreaming who is arrested to the superstition.


Perhaps, the dreaming of a distortion of spiritual nature faces at first helplessly. In this case he left to the things meanwhile her run and wait for the right moment.



  • see: in immediate future have to count on difficulties in the private life, – also: the people kick it in the life who can add to a big damage
  • have: you deal with disagreeable things,
  • have in the fingers: Lästermäuler try to blacken you,
  • expel or take a short-cut: rid themselves of bad things, – one will be able to assert himself in an important matter.

(European ones).:

  • often as a result of skin or organ irritation, – otherwise as an exposure before all world to understand sometimes also erotically – with opponents disputes fight out,
  • see: with friends or female friends one will discover a weakness or a dark point in the life,
  • see with others: bitter enemies are nearby,
  • treat: one fights to turn away a danger of himself and his,
  • have: one is caught at own weakness or are pointed out to such, or somebody will touch a dark point in own life,
  • are tormented by warts: one is not able to sit down successfully against the attacks on the honour to the weir,
  • of the hands see disappearing: one will overcome disagreeable obstacles on the way luckily.


  • in hands: you will still have to work hard.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Wart(s)

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