A wirstwatch usually symbolises that you are waiting for something to happen or that you need to make better time management decisions. A watch can also represent your sense of time.

A dream meaning wristwatch

Seeing (looking at) a wristwatch

A watch in a dream is often a reminder that you are running out of time to make important decisions. It can also mean that an important event is approaching.


Seeing a wristwatch

Looking at a watch in a dream means that you want more time. You want to move forward but don’t know how. You are looking for help but can’t find it. You feel that someone is watching you, waiting for you to make the right decision. This could mean that you feel stressed and try too hard to control everything. The dream recommends patience and assures you that help is on the way.

Having (wearing) a wristwatch

If you are wearing a wristwatch, something you have been waiting for will happen; you are aware of your priorities and things that need your immediate attention.

The dream can also symbolise something that weighs heavily on your heart or that you are obsessed with.

Receiving a watch

The meaning of this dream is that someone thinks you are trustworthy and reliable. It also means that others see you as punctual or the first person to help. They see you as a friend or someone they can rely on.
The Dream Book also says that this dream can be a sign that your current relationship is in danger. You may be faced with a choice that will determine your future.

If you are given a gold watch in your dream, it means that you should value your time more than anything else. You may feel that if you don’t act now, it will be too late later.
The dream is also a good sign that all your wishes will come true. You are about to make a lot of money!

A new watch

A new watch in a dream means regret and remorse for past actions. It is also an indication that you are about to be drawn into a whirlwind of new commitments which may exhaust you.


Expensive watch

A dream about an expensive watch warns you to be careful with your possessions. Someone is likely to try to take advantage of you and steal a lot of money. This could be someone close to you or someone whose services you use but are not happy with.

The ticking of a clock

The dream reminds you that time is passing and that each day has its own set of experiences. Make the most of them so that you don’t regret something that has passed and won’t come back.
It can also be a symbol of your daily life.

Set (wind) your watch

The meaning of this dream can symbolise how you want to live your life. It indicates that you want to plan your goals in order of importance. You feel most comfortable when all your plans are in order and you are in control.

Broken wristwatch

If you dream about a broken wristwatch, the dream foretells a quarrel with a dishonest friend. It also indicates that you will make a mistake or fail. It also represents an awareness that something in your life is no longer working properly.

Another meaning is that you need to be prepared for unexpected changes. Pay attention to detail when solving complex problems.

The watch retreating

The dream can represent how you feel about life. You may feel that certain events are going backwards instead of forwards and are preventing you from achieving what you want.

However, going backwards can also be associated with wishing you had more time or years to achieve your dreams.

A hurrying watch

Feeling that time is running out and that there is no way around it makes you desperate to get something done in order to feel good about yourself. Sometimes it’s a good idea to just let things happen at your own pace.


A late watch

Something or someone is holding up your life. You’re spending time on things you don’t need or solving problems that aren’t yours. The Dream Book advises you to change your approach to things and people as soon as possible, or it will reflect negatively on you.

Losing a watch

This dream is a warning of trouble. Be careful not to start arguments or scandals, as they will only make your situation worse. Approach everything with detachment.
Losing your watch in a dream can also mean that you are focusing on trivial things and missing opportunities to work on what is really important to you.

Another meaning is that after losing someone, you realise how important that person was to you and you miss them very much.

Finding a wirstwatch

Finding a watch in your dream means that you will receive support and help from people close to you during difficult times in your life. You will probably lose hope of solving your problems, but a family member or friend will help you get through this crisis.

Stealing a watch

Stealing a watch in a dream means that your reputation and credibility may be damaged. This may be done out of jealousy by people who want to prevent you from succeeding. As a result, you may need to cut yourself off from toxic people.
The Dreambook advises: Don’t let them provoke you.

A gold watch

A golden watch in a dream is a warning that you will be robbed or lose something valuable. This time your gullible nature, careless decisions or inadequate skills could put you in a difficult situation.

Gold symbolises wealth, luxury and beauty. A dream in which you see a gold watch could mean that you will be rewarded for the efforts of a loved one. The dream can also mean that you are ready to take responsibility for your own life.

A silver watch

Dreaming of a silver watch represents your need for hope and direction. You feel lost, confused and aimless.


Silver watches are associated with modernity and progress. As such, the dream is a sign that you are open to new ideas and experiences.

If your friend wears a silver watch, it means that you accept the methods and ideals that he or she follows.

Black watch

The dream means that you are trying to put the different parts of your life together into a coherent picture. You may be confused. If you are still searching for meaning and purpose in your life, it is time to wake up and make some changes.

A watch set with diamonds (precious stones)

A watch set with diamonds or precious stones symbolises luxury. You will probably have the opportunity to live like the rich for a while. But it will only be for a moment, an adventure. Enjoy it.

Wrist watch

Meaning of the dream: wristwatch

To see (look at) a wristwatch – time is running out for important decisions.
To look at a wristwatch – you feel lost
To have (wear) a wristwatch – something you have been waiting for will happen.
Receiving a watch – you should value your time more
New watch – you will have new responsibilities
Expensive watch – be careful with your possessions
A ticking watch – make the most of your time
Setting (winding) your watch – you want to plan everything
A broken watch – you may make a mistake
A watch running backwards – you want more time
A fast watch – you are racing against time
Late watch – something is slowing down your life
Losing a watch – you are concentrating on trivial things
Finding a watch – you may get support and help from loved ones
Steal a watch – don’t be provoked
Gold watch – you will lose something valuable
Silver watch – you are open to new ideas and experiences
Black watch – make changes in your life
Diamond watch – you will experience a luxurious adventure

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