A dream about war indicates some kind of disturbance in a person’s life. They may be facing difficulties at home or at work. The dream can also refer to difficult life decisions.

Dream about war

This type of dream is most common in people who are struggling with problems they cannot solve. If this is the case for you, avoid despair so that you can make decisions calmly and patiently.


The dream is an invitation to deal with arguments. Don’t let your life revolve around arguments or other people’s judgements. Accept your failures.

What does a dream about war mean?

Seeing war

Seeing war in your dream is a sign that you need to find an effective solution to your problems. The sooner you deal with adversity, the better. Don’t put things off until later.

If you see a war in your dream, you will certainly win the battle, but the dreamer is warning you that finding a way out of the situation you are in is more difficult than you imagined. Look for allies to help you resolve the situation.

You don’t have to fight alone if you have good friends and loved ones who are willing to help. The dreamer notes that listening to the advice of others will help you to see other options, other points of view, and to find the best way to resolve and sort things out. Take a deep breath and regain control of your life.

Being at war (fighting)

The dream indicates the existence of conflicts. Even if you’re not aware of it, emotions are building up inside you. According to the dreamer, you should avoid arguments and act diplomatically. Also avoid impulsive behaviour, lest you regret words or gestures that could be misinterpreted.

A dream about war can indicate that you are about to encounter serious problems or make commitments that you will not be able to keep. Be careful and start analysing the situation.


Another meaning of the dream is that you will be promoted to a position of leadership. The dream foreshadows new responsibilities or the need to demonstrate qualities such as courage, responsibility or honesty.

If you dream of wearing a helmet or carrying a weapon, the dream suggests that you will come out of a difficult situation defensively.


This dream can mean trouble. It can also inform you that you may be forced to do something in an emergency situation. If you are in business, beware of colleagues and competitors. The meaning of the dream also suggests that you have a nervous, stressful time ahead of you.

Fighting soldiers

This dream is a sign that you can solve your problems without letting them overwhelm you. Even if it seems difficult at times, don’t give up and you will find the solution you are looking for.


The meaning of this dream foretells difficult times. You may have problems, arguments, sudden but significant events that shake you up. The dreamer advises you to keep a cool head and a sober mind. It will all pass quickly.


This dream is a symbol of trouble. The best solution in this situation is to recognise it quickly and solve it quickly. Don’t give up or break down, you are capable of fending off this attack, but you must stay focused.

Weapons of war

The dream may represent damage you have caused. Weapons can reflect negative feelings you have about yourself. Whether it is low self-esteem or a reminder of your mistakes, it causes you to weaken yourself. Blame yourself for your failures, torture yourself with negative thoughts. Change your behaviour, look at yourself from a distance and appreciate the positive qualities.

Medieval war

The dream of medieval war is about struggling with personal problems. Your feelings may get in the way of making important decisions or talking to other people. Look at your problems from a distance and talk to someone you trust.


Nuclear war

This dream means that you have anger in you. If you let it guide your actions, they are likely to be inappropriate or even harmful. You need to tone down your emotions.

Air war

The dream relates to news that may be unpleasant or unexpected. Perhaps something is not going according to your plans. Avoid making impulsive decisions or desperate actions so as not to aggravate the situation. Remain calm.

War at home

If you dream of a war in the country where you live, it means that you need to put your thoughts in order. Because of your fears, you may make the wrong decisions, dictated by doubts, uncertainties and fears. You also need to avoid conflicts and even attacks from third parties. Seek someone who can help you deal with your fears. The dream is a call for you to put your thoughts in order.

Escape from the battlefield (war)

The meaning of the dream reveals your fears. Perhaps you don’t feel ready to face a problem as you should. Break through or find someone to help you face your own prejudices.

To die in war (death in war)

If you dream of dying in a war, you may feel defeated by your personal problems. But the past must not continue to determine your actions. Don’t be discouraged by negative experiences; understand how they have helped you to mature and what they have taught you.

The dream indicates that you have been defeated in life’s battles, unable to face the traumas of the past.

Victory in war

Winning a war in a dream foretells good luck in the game. However, the dreamer warns you not to overdo it, as luck only favours the sensible.

Losing a war

The meaning of the dream suggests that the loser will make good business. However, you need to clear up any issues from the past that are still unresolved or cluttering your thoughts. Deal with the past so that you can deal with the present.


Dream Meaning: War

  • To see a war – don’t put anything off until later.
  • To be at war (fighting) – emotions are building up inside you.
  • Attack – you may be forced to do something.
  • Soldiers fighting – you can solve your problems
  • Bombs – keep your cool
  • Planes – concentrate and solve your problems
  • Weapons of war – appreciate yourself
  • Medieval war – feelings get in the way of you making important decisions
  • Nuclear war – you have anger in you
  • Air war – stay calm
  • Home war – get your thoughts in order
  • Escape from the battlefield (from war) – face your fears
  • Die in war (death in war) – you feel defeated by your problems
  • Winning the war – you are lucky in the game
  • Lose the war – come to terms with the past

Mystic dreamer – war

In general, this symbol can be a signal from your subconscious not to get involved in conflicts or arguments, as it could end very badly for you.

Dream meaning of war

If you see a war in your dream, it is a sign that you are about to become very upset for some reason.

If you dream that you are at war, it foretells a big fight between your friends.

If you win a war, it foretells great wealth and happiness.

If you dream that you have lost a war, it means that you are about to find out something bad about someone close to you.

If you have been taken prisoner as a result of a war, it is a sign that you will have to face a difficult rival who will cause you serious harm.

If you see weapons in a dream, it is a sign of misfortune for you.

If you ask someone about preparations for war, it foretells that you will soon receive bad news.


If you dream that you have gone to war, it is a sign that the undertakings you are working on will not succeed.

If you see weapons of war destroyed in your dream, it is a harbinger of peace after turbulent and unfortunate events.

dream warAssociation: – Power, – conflict. Question: – Which parts of me lie in the conflict?


As a vision war always refers to a conflict. He has handing on effects as a duel and requires from the dreaming that he must make the results of his action for other people stronger deliberate to himself. At the same time the dreaming should recognise that he is involved in a conflict which has developed not spontaneously, but consciously it was caused. At last it is a forcible kind to finish misery and riots. He should restore the order, however, not on peaceful and time-consuming way, but quickly and by force. As a dream symbol the war stands for this forcible ordinal process which takes place at the moment in the dreaming. He indicates internal conflicts which result from contradicting qualities, – one must reconcile them with each other, so that one becomes well-balanced again. Thus the war describes the fear to be dragged onto something which runs counter to own wish. If the dreaming is injured in the dream, this is a tip to the fact that mental wounds have healed only cursorily and the processing of these events is necessary. The war in the dream can deal with actual, not yet processed war experiences, it is more probably, however, that war events point to the dreaming to in general unmastered events from his past. If one has to interpret such dreams, the context for the interpretation on the object step will provide the most important information. But it can be the war dream even with the people who were torn in the bloody whirlpool of the world misfortune, however, the simile for a very difficult inside situation. In us is war, and who would not have experienced this tiresome state of the fight of two life directions in himself already. ‘I had to fight long with myself. I with me.’ Often we find out only by the dream that it has come in the space of the soul to the open war. The dreamer has often been surprised at the fight reports of the dream. It is not so bad with his life conflict – however, the soul knows better about that life decisions are fought out in her depth. War dreams can also refer to difficulties with other people. It will be the case if the consciousness does not want to realise the meaning of a discussion with the business partner, the spouse. In the dream simile one often knows only that it is a war. One completely waits fear, one believes the red light of the fire fires to see. Troops pass. Behind that hill or in the wood lurks the enemy. Very often it is a night, so that one recognises that the danger threatens in the unconscious. Nowadays bomb dreams are frequent. If it does not concern shock experiences, they are to be interpreted on internal step. These are destructive thoughts, ideas which fall down from the air, i.e. from uncontrolled rooms of our mind on us, – these can be compulsive thoughts or paralyzing inspirations, flashing annoying images. They threaten our existence. Therefore, one has to consider with bomb dreams very much what has occurred to us then bad what hits from somewhere ‘how a bomb’ with us. Warlike airplanes are to be understood alike. They go hunting by our head, roar during us, can meet us with her floors. The differentiation of hostile and friendly airplanes is made often. Now and then the colour is stressed. The red airplanes mostly deal with sexual or unaware feeling custodies, carried from dangerous thoughts. The mental forces lying in the quarrel often help themselves uniformed warrior, – the helmet is typical mostly. Often one lies in the fight with savages. These are dark people from own country without culture who result to us from the propelling woods, and only in superior strength are. One is in the war dream even a fighter, or one only watches. The erstere case seems to be more valuable. Besides, I spectator as well as is even in the responsible fight in it. This allows to him a lot rather, by his conflict which often becomes a neurosis, itself hindurchzukämpfen. If he consciously supports the fight, healing and joy are also not absolutely distant in bad times. The war is an Old experience of the life. Therefore, his awful being is a simile for all strong, all relentless discussions. But the war is praised in no dream as such. It is always a serious heavy matter. It is the bitter passageway place to attain a higher unity still in the conflict or even in the Vielheit of her primitiveness being soul. It is dreamt not only of wars, but also of single soldiers and of weapons. The unknown soldier who steps in our dream scene is a simile for a collective uniform duty position. He is subordinate to a law, which he to itself not created, an obligation which was not born primarily in his conscience. He adjusts himself. This is the sense of the single soldier or the marching soldier’s group. Just an individualist must be also sometimes pointed out to this aspect. On the other hand this dream can also indicate the danger of the uniforms. The weapons are means to deliver the war. Where we see single weapons in the dream or own ourselves and use, it mostly concerns a psychic decision. For it the sword or a weapon similar to sword in spite of her ancientry is the most frequent dream symbol. It is shot in the dream, it can be about very sudden decisions which sometimes happen more than are wanted. Then is level ‘the shot gone off’. The psychoanalysis sees most weapons as a sexual symbol. They have this meaning, however, only in the second line. The interpretation as a male organ with revolver and gun is most understandable. In dreams they often appear as a token psychologically of sexual tension. Now and then the ancient lance seems in this sense. The helmet is called by the soldier’s broads equipment mostly. The dreamer goes under combative thought. However, he is also protected by these. The soldier carries, like the person, the burden of that what he needs to the struggle of existence inevitably.


At the spiritual level war in the dream is a symbol for the spiritual decay. The dreaming must recognise after what crumbles just in his life.


War and war actions mean to all excitement and discords, excluded soldiers and people who make her deal immediately or indirectly with weapons, – they announce this wealth. From the weapons protective weapons prophesy big security, e.g., the shield, the helmet, the breast tank and the splints. Projectiles against it cause often involuntary misdemeanours, turmoil and quarrel, as for example the spear, the lance, the throw spear and the catapult. The short one and the long sword mean the courage of the dreaming, the strength of his hands and the daring of the decision. In particular the shield and the helmet mean a woman, namely more precious rich and clarifies, easier against it poor and ugly ones. To be drawn to the army service or to move in the field means to all which are ill anyhow, the death, – then the man who moves in the field gives up his private life and exercises a new one instead of the present activity. Often it prophesies to old people the death, it forecasts to all others chicaneries, incommodities, movements and trips. It means to idlers and paupers work and salary, – then the soldier is not lazy, still he lacks the necessary. Though slaves become an honour, gain, however, by no means the freedom. Though many were released, however, had to perform to wide slave work and remained subordinated, – then a soldier must serve, even if he is personally free.



  • experience: Discord with different personalities get, – also: soon Widerwärtigkeiten with authorities experience, – however, by perseverance something might be to be reached, – also: big restlessness comes to the house,
  • go along with it in one: you will come into conflict with the authority.

(European ones).:

  • points out to discord and quarrel with other people, – trouble and loads, – difficulties and danger,
  • see: one will experience a big excitement,
  • war armaments see: it are extremely fraught with conflict times on,
  • destroyed armaments see: the current personal dilemma will be soon defused,
  • are in the middle in it: indicates official discussions which are to be mastered, however, only perseverance leads to happy ending,
  • get in it in captivity: one will meet a strong opponent to whom to one will damage,
  • from the war come: you will meet your superior,
  • think that own country has lost the war: Signs for political and business circulations, – personal interests will suffer a setback,
  • own country wins: business activities will be harmonious lively and the domestic life,
  • Seeing a young woman pull her darling in the war, then she will hear disadvantageous about him.


  • see: Sadness and prison.
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