dream triangleAssociation: – dynamic strength, – integration of contrasts. Question: – Where in my life I develop forces by the integration of internal contrasts?


Not only after S. Freud it is worth as a vaginal symbol, but just because it is so easy, it can be so ambiguous. For the alchemists it has symbolised the water, in the meteorology it means shower. A triangle on the point standing, looks dynamic (not static like a square) – an unstable balance which can tip any minute. Triangle the number Three is interpreted as and one can hope after old Indian dream books for the fact that one is supported by others and is promoted. However, partly the triangle stands also as a sexual symbol which expresses suitable needs which one may suppress not excessively. Although Three, like all odd figures is defined manly, the triangle is a female sexual symbol which must be brought with other dream symbols in connection. An equilateral triangle can indicate the clarity of the thoughts, the creative mind of the dreamer. After the traditional dream interpretation a love triangle is at hand.



The triangle with the point is upwards a sign of the divine wisdom, it points down, it symbolises femininity – it points therefore always to the harmony between spiritually mental forces and physical desires.



  • unhappy family background by a love triangle,
  • several triangles see: point to the fact that an ability exists to scientific activity.

(European ones).:

  • you will easily acquire esteem and love of other people, – also: have to decide between two lovers.


  • Gönner stand to you aside.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Triangle

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