dream taxiIf the dreaming calls a taxi in his dream, this symbolises that he must take care more of progress or depart really. Without help from the outside no success is given to him, and she could turn out expensive. If the fare was too high for it, one tries to exclude you.


A taxi is a public means of transportation which is steered by a person whom the dreaming does not know. The dreaming must still trust in the circumspection and in the knowledge of the driver. Hence, in the dream a taxi can symbolise that the dreaming must reach to a place without knowing suitable means and ways. Moreover, it can also point to comfort.



At this level the taxi in the dream can show the spiritual knowledge linked with practical know-how.



  • you is a braggart.

(European ones).:

  • go in one: one will be able to enjoy modest prosperity, – also: if luck means in connection with a foreign place,
  • a taxi journey at night together with other people: one wants to divide a secret not with his friends,
  • even taxi driver be: stands for physical work and little view of professional improvement, – the taxi is a combination vehicle: one will be impecunious for a while.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Taxi

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