dream trailLoops (whetstone) announces dangers, often the deception by other people.


With this picture the unconscious mostly wants to draw the attention to manners in the everyday life. If we trail ourselves a little bit, something is in us not polished enough. If one watches other with the loop, certain people sharpen the knives against us to do to us harm. It depends with the interpretation also on what was sharpened in the dream.




  • a knife etc. on a whetstone: your actions are reasonable,
  • of knife, in general: Rage and impatience damage only,
  • of sword and bigger instruments: you have dangerous and wonderful things in the head,
  • grinders see: you come to bad society,
  • with the legs: you have to overcome inhibitions.

(European ones).:

  • on the ice run: one will get in bad hands,
  • of knives: one will lead sharp speeches.


  • of an ax: you will get in bad hands,
  • a knife: too sharp speech will damage to you.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Trail

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