dream toadAssociation: – contagious ugliness. Question: – To what extent or why I have hidden my true beauty?


In spite of her sometimes nauseating appearance one can interpret them positively as the earth-like engaged. The toad is an earth animal and, therefore, had in the image of primitive people the meaning of earth mother. In the representation of the Aztecs of Mexico the earth appears toad-like monster, the symbol of a dreadful, all devouring mother’s divinity which at the same time death mother is. Therefore, in man’s dreams the toad is often to be understood as a warning signal and points to the female motherly who offers protection from various dangers (the toad ducks to the earth if danger is in the delay, and strikes because of her earth-like colour hardly), or, however, points to them.




  • see: meant loss or discord with friends, – your love is cheated,
  • golden ones: Luck and profit,
  • see running through the way: one must watch out for fraud in a dear matter,
  • have in the house: transient luck,
  • catch: you defeat your enemies,
  • injure: Quarrel in the house, strife,
  • kill: Triumph about your enemies, – hope will destroy itself soon by itself.

(European ones).:

  • a lot of new possibilities, improvement of own position by chance or toughness, – also: one will lose a friend, – enemies will press to you and cheat you,
  • see: if a lot of money,
  • promises

  • quacken hear: one will be promised,
  • fort-hopping: a situation can be saved by hard work,
  • give a hand: one can make himself jointly guilty in the ruin of a friend,
  • hold in the hand: if means profit,
  • kill: one will do a harm to himself, – her judgment is questioned,
  • eat: if illness tells in,
  • they can announce

  • of A woman that somebody tries to pull them by the dirt.


  • see: Fear and Widerwärtigkeit.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Toad

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