A dream about a tiger is directly related to how you perceive yourself and how you handle different situations. A tiger in your dream represents strength, freedom and wisdom. You are a strong person who will not be shaken by adverse situations. Dreaming of a tiger also means that you are a stubborn person.

It represents the perseverance needed in difficult situations and can mean willpower, the ability to deal with obstacles and even the courage you have to face a difficult situation.


The meaning of a dream about a tiger is the spiritual side of life, freedom of conscience or free will. We act according to our will and desires, but we must always be aware of the consequences of our actions and attitudes. The outcome of actions is determined by character, morals, lifestyle, and even the degree of kindness and affection.

The dream leads to the conclusion that you can act wisely and realize your desires. You are not afraid to express strong opinions. The characteristics of the Tiger can be interpreted as qualities you possess.

Dream meaning tiger

Seeing a tiger

If you see a tiger in your dream, it can mean that you will face adversity and will have to fight to achieve your goals.

Dreaming of a tiger can also mean the power that other people have over you, or fears that you find difficult to face.

Another meaning of the dream is that you have self-confidence that will help you meet someone – it could be your great love or a deep friendship. Your sense of power will allow you to dominate the relationship and dictate its terms.

Young tiger

A dream about a tiger cub means that you have very successful friends. However, the dreamer warns: “Beware of people you have just met, they may want to destroy your ties with your friends.


The meaning of the dream suggests naivety that has led you to fear something unexpected. The dream can also mean the birth of a child in your family or in the family of your friends.

Little tiger

A dream about a baby tiger means that you may not pay attention to certain things or people. It is important for you to see things through and adjust your priorities to the situation. It is possible to focus on your goals and dreams without abandoning those you love. In everything, you must be able to balance and respect the boundaries that you cannot cross in making money.

Big tiger

A dream about a big tiger means that you can’t chase after a person who doesn’t seem to be interested in you. Try to maintain clear and honest communication to avoid conflicts.

Giant tiger

A dream about a giant tiger means that you need to believe more in your potential and stop worrying when other people doubt you. Your thinking is what should determine your value. Don’t let moments of doubt and fear become giants you can’t overcome. Appreciate your achievements.

White tiger

A dream about a white tiger means that you have loyal friends in your life who are always willing to help, listen and support you.

Another meaning of the dream is that you are giving too much importance to a matter that does not deserve as much attention and time. The dream can also indicate concern for the health of an elderly person in your family.

Dreaming of a white tiger means that your emotions and innermost feelings have reached a certain level of maturity. It is important that you know how to communicate the results of your experience, because you are ready to influence the development of other people.

The White Tiger symbolizes peace and wisdom. It is associated with family. It also means that you are aware of your moral strength in the face of life’s events.


Black tiger

A dream about the black tiger means that you will soon receive a large sum of money. It will come unexpectedly or be much more than you expected. Financial gains are imminent. Act wisely and you will have a chance to stabilize your material position.

The dream means great joy. Fate will bring you positive events.

Another meaning of the dream is that you are going through a period of confusion, anxiety. Take it easy, do not get discouraged. Nothing lasts forever, even problems will pass.

Many tigers

This dream means that you have the ability to grasp the essence and source of problems. Thorough and detailed analysis of things makes you very good at developing new projects. Soon you will see excellent results of your work.

Tiger in the wild

The dream means that you feel that everything is going your way now, your financial gains are significant and you feel free to fight for more.

The dreamer’s advice: focus on people who can turn to you for help.

Another meaning of the dream of a tiger in the wild is that you will face danger, and this danger may come from… you. Watch your attitude, keep your wits about you.

Soon the door will open to a more promising future. Be prepared.


Upcoming changes are very positive, especially in the field of work, there are opportunities for financial, personal and social development that promise a more peaceful future. The dreamer recommends: Be more careful in your actions and in the way you talk to people. Be careful not to act on impulse.

Running tiger

The dream means that something important will happen in your professional life. Your professional recognition will grow, so be prepared to expand your professional relationships. New opportunities will arise and you need to analyze them well to make good decisions.

Resting tiger

The dream of a resting Tiger encourages you not to stop trying and not to be afraid of risks. You have always been a down-to-earth person, but this trait may prevent you from seeing certain things.

There’s nothing wrong with who you are, but from time to time it’s good to look at things from a new perspective and see what you can get out of it. A lot of opportunities come from stepping out of your comfort zone. You also have to be more persistent.

A dream of a resting tiger means that a treat is good, but at the right time. This is not the time to rest or enjoy success. Keep courting the next job so that your success will last.

Tame tiger

A dream of a tame tiger means that some event in your life was necessary to end once and for all the great fear that accompanied you. You will feel the desire to learn new things and be able to solve the problems that are troubling you. The dream explains that the dream indicates renewal and liberation from the past.

The dream also means that you have a thirst for knowledge. So reach out, explore, and expand your mental horizons.

Stroking a tiger

The meaning of this dream is that you will be able to quickly solve problems that once seemed unsolvable. Your work and efforts will be appreciated.


Tiger in the circus

This dream means that you feel trapped in your work and cannot express your own opinion. Be determined in your search for new opportunities. Good communication is essential in any relationship. The dream indicates how disconnected you are from the world around you, daily events, news, and even friends and family. Seek the strength of the tiger and fight for a better tomorrow.

Trapped tiger (caged tiger)

A dream about a trapped tiger means that you have some problems to solve and need to act quickly. This dream also indicates that you are a person capable of taking the next steps with wisdom and patience, because you deal with adversity in a mature way. The dreamer says that the dream is a good sign because it shows that your enemies will not be able to harm you.

You must learn to control your emotions. Learn to bring an extra dose of sanity into your life.

Another meaning of the dream is that it reminds you to take care of your body and mind every day.

Aggressive tiger

A dream about an aggressive tiger means that the best attitude is to reject negative thinking. What you think and positive energy are like magnets that attract positive events.

Be careful about your choices and even what you say.

Tiger attack

Dreaming of a tiger attack is a sign that you will feel restricted by other people at work or in a relationship.

If it was you who was attacked by a tiger in your dream, the meaning of the dream reveals that you had difficulties at work and almost gave up, you had a sense of failure and insecurity. Now you will feel peace. New opportunities are opening up. Keep your balance and cool head.


Dreaming of being attacked by a tiger means that you are very naive. Be more realistic, more optimistic and don’t get hurt so much by events that don’t depend on you.

If the tiger in the dream is ready to attack, try to understand what is happening in your life. If the dream concerns a person you love, beware of a jealous person who will try to separate you from your partner.
If a tiger attacks another person in your dream, it means that you may feel that you are doing everything for someone, but you do not believe that it will be noticed or appreciated. It doesn’t mean that you should stop helping that person, but rather that you should talk to that person. You overestimate some events. Things are as they are, not as we would like them to be.

The tiger is chasing you

The dream means that you must be careful not to be left out at work. You are likely to be suspicious of some people. Be careful not to reveal your weaknesses or difficulties. The dream suggests that it is time to invest more in your career. This will make you more self-confident.

The dreamer suggests that you may have different views from those around you, so you give up expressing them in order to be accepted. Find the right way to express your thoughts so that others can know them. We are different, and we must know how to deal with it. If you are uncomfortable with the position of others and feel some discomfort or even disrespect, change the company.

A dream of a tiger chasing you signifies a burden you are carrying. The dreamer realizes that he needs to take more time for himself and get rid of the ballast.

Running away from a tiger

If you manage to escape from a tiger in your dream, it is a sign that you will be able to defeat anyone who pursues you and tries to destroy you.

If a tiger tries to attack you in a dream but does not, it means that you will face small problems in your professional and love life, so you need to be careful. A dream of a tiger chasing you means that you are carrying a burden and need to take more time for yourself.

Hiding (escaping) from a tiger

A dream of hiding from a tiger means that you may have difficulty facing some problems from the past, and they seem to be coming back to haunt you. You must overcome this problem in order to move on. You have total control over this and you cannot allow these painful memories to take over. Try to focus on what is good for you and forgive yourself for your mistakes.


Chasing a tiger

A dream about hunting a tiger means that you have to get yourself together, think about the knowledge you have gained over the years, about your feelings, emotions and above all about the way you live your life.

To hunt a tiger

A dream in which you are hunting a tiger means that you should take a closer look at your life. Try to look at your present moment with more empathy.

If you are having a difficult time, know that you did exactly what you could under the circumstances. Even if you feel regret or think you could have done more, it doesn’t matter now. It’s about who you are now, not who you were then.

To kill a tiger

The dreamer explains that you must understand everything you are going through in order to be able to face challenges and overcome obstacles. You may feel blocked, but you shouldn’t give up, because you have the strength to find another way. The dream foretells that you have the inner strength to overcome any obstacles that come your way.

Wounded tiger

The dreamer reminds you: “Your smile and calmness are long remembered by others. So make sure you are well received. Demonstrate confidence. Show who you really are.

Dead tiger

Dreaming of a dead tiger means that you are likely to go through a difficult time. Take care of your health so that strong emotions don’t make you dizzy and cause melancholy and pessimism.

It is not easy to face so many things at once. Even if you seem to have reached a dead end, don’t forget that different moments come and go. The solution is there, you just have to find it. You must learn to distance yourself from bad events. To be able to wait for better days, because they will come, is to overcome difficulties and adapt to reality.

Stuffed tiger

Dreaming of a stuffed tiger means that you are revisiting the past with your thoughts, which brings up strong emotions. Don’t let the problems of the past spoil your future.
The dreamer notices that you like to have fun and present yourself to the public. Such behavior is an escape from boredom or a way to relieve stress. Use these abilities in moderation.


Teeth of the tiger

Dreaming of the tiger’s teeth means that it is a good time to energize yourself and try to connect with your higher self. Feed your soul with thoughts of peace, love and gratitude. The teeth represent a lot of strength and determination, so don’t let difficulties distract you from your main goal of evolution and growth. This doesn’t mean you should give up fighting for what you dream of.

Tiger and lion

A dream about a tiger and a lion means that you are facing a difficult decision in which your reason and your heart are on opposite sides. This “battle” between reason and emotion can limit your decision-making and cause a delay in achieving your goals. However, you have set clear goals and all you need is focus and determination to pursue what you want.

Tiger and jaguar

A dream of a tiger and a jaguar means that you need to seek a little more rest and relaxation. Your body is crying out for care, and health problems may arise if you continue to rush.

You are on a quest for success, which makes you give up a lot of very valuable and necessary things. Try to slow down to keep your mind and body in balance.

Tiger and bear

A dream about a tiger and a bear means that you are not happy with your image and you are constantly making it worse. Some situations make you shy and you try to distance yourself from them to avoid facing them. Some problems must be faced and solved. Have courage. You have the power to fight.

Another meaning of the dream is that you are having fun in your relationship.

Bengal tiger

You need a moment of reflection. When you regain your inner peace, you will become more optimistic. Often silence can mean loneliness, but know that it can be very valuable now. Such moments bring solutions to problems that the hustle and bustle of your daily routine cannot reveal. Take a deep breath and listen to your inner self, it will bring you much good.

Dreaming of a Bengal tiger means inner greatness. However, this feeling can be dangerous, do not imagine that you now have extraordinary power. Don’t lose your mind.


Saber-toothed tiger

To dream of a saber-toothed tiger means that you may be going through a period of personal isolation. Withdrawal from your life may end in great stress. Try to get out of this stagnation by seeking help from those close to you.

Dream Meaning: Tiger

  • To see a tiger – great love or deep friendship will come.
  • A young tiger (tiger cub) – be careful of people you just met.
  • Small tiger – keep balance and respect boundaries
  • Big tiger – be sure to communicate clearly and honestly
  • Big tiger – you need to believe more in your potential
  • White tiger – you have loyal friends who will always help you.
  • Black tiger – you will receive a large amount of money
  • Many tigers – you will soon see the results of your work
  • Wild tiger – do not act on impulse
  • Running tiger – something important will happen in your professional life
  • Resting tiger – don’t be afraid to take risks, act
  • Taming tiger – you will free yourself from the past
  • Stroking tiger – you will know how to solve problems quickly
  • Tiger in the circus – you feel restricted in your work
  • Caged tiger – you have some problems to solve
  • Aggressive tiger – reject negative thinking
  • Tiger attacking – you feel restricted by other people
  • Tiger chasing you – it’s time to invest more in your career
  • Running away from the tiger – you will defeat anyone who tries to destroy you.
  • Hiding from the tiger – try to focus on what is good for you.
  • Chase the tiger – reflect on what you have achieved so far
  • Chase the tiger – be more forgiving with yourself
  • Kill a tiger – you have the inner strength to overcome all obstacles
  • Wounded tiger – show others who you really are
  • Dead tiger – take care of your health
  • Stuffed tiger – you will return your thoughts to the past
  • Teeth of the tiger – develop and take care of yourself
  • Tiger and lion – facing a difficult decision, stay focused
  • Tiger and jaguar – slow down your pace
  • Tiger and bear – you need to face problems
  • Bengal tiger – you need a moment of reflection
  • Sabre-toothed tiger – don’t retreat from life

Dream about a tiger

The tiger, a large and powerful cat, is commonly associated with the jungle, especially in India. Although today tigers can be found in any part of the world, such as in a zoo. This beautiful animal reminds us to follow our natural instincts and intuition.

Often a tiger appears in a dream, meaning that we need a lot of energy and work to fully meet the challenge ahead or to thrive.

The tiger often appears in songs as a symbol of strength and overcoming overwhelming odds.

Being chased by a tiger

If you dream that you are being chased by a tiger, you are probably running away from your own feelings and emotions. You may be afraid of power – or of your own power, or of someone who has power and control over you. It can be helpful to learn how to deal with night terrors and what it means to be chased in your sleep.

Dreaming of sleeping tigers

A sleeping tiger can mean that there is some hidden power within you. This could be your talents and strengths. It can also mean that something will happen in your life that you don’t quite expect.

Tigers on the hunt

Tigers are at the top of the food chain, so they are often associated with hunting. The hunter as a dream archetype can mean that you are goal-oriented and working toward success in business or in your personal life. In dreams it can mean that you need to think about your “plan of attack” for a situation.

Dreaming about a white tiger

White tigers are rarely found in the wild, so in a dream it may mean that something has a special meaning for you. The white tiger symbolizes rarity and exceptional intuition. Understanding the meaning of colors in dreams can help you better understand what the color of the tiger means.


Dreaming about small tigers

Little tigers can often be a symbol of innocence in our dreams. Perhaps you are just beginning to awaken your inner strength, or you are starting a new project that will require you to overcome obstacles and trust your intuition.

Meaning of the tiger

What does the Tiger symbolize? What does it mean to have a tiger as your spirit guide or power animal? Understanding the characteristics of the Tiger can often help you discover your own deep feelings. Understanding the wisdom and message of the Tiger can give us much insight into our feelings. It may soon become clear why it appears in our dreams and when we wake up.

Trust your intuition and instinct

Tigers are highly instinctive animals. Seeing a tiger may indicate that you need to develop your own intuition or that your natural instincts are important. Consider following a tiger that is present in your dreams or in your daily life.

Sometimes a dream of a tiger can also mean that you want to become more intuitive, but you are not sure if you can trust your intuition. Each of us is capable of using intuition, which is like a muscle – you just have to use it to develop it!

Strength and wisdom

The tiger in its natural habitat is one of the most powerful animals in the jungle. Tigers are both intelligent and strong. These two qualities make it very easy for a tiger to hunt successfully. Think about your strength. Do you feel that you are strong enough to face the current challenges?

The Tiger can appear as a sign and symbol to fully awaken you to your own power. Ask yourself: What are my strengths in life and how can I use them to benefit myself and others? Face your fears and weaknesses. Tigers are often associated with the dark side of the human psyche. All of us have things we fear. You may also have weaknesses – such as a bad habit or a skill that is not fully developed. Often this means that we must learn to accept ourselves as we are. Learning to accept the negative and dark sides of ourselves can help us become a fully conscious person.

Spiritual guide

The Tiger is often a spirit animal, and in the practice of soul retrieval, it is often assigned as a power animal that is meant to be a guide to support you in life.

Tigers often appear figuratively in our lives and dreams as a symbol of strength and power, so we most often associate this majestic cat with the solar plexus chakra. If you are experiencing feelings of loss of control or coping (even along with physical symptoms of pain), the tiger as a spirit animal can help you overcome challenges.


The symbol signals that upon awakening you are allowing your primitive instincts to become stronger and stronger, and this cannot end well.

Mystic dream meaning- tiger

If you see a tiger in your dream, it is a signal from your subconscious that when you wake up, someone who wants to get back at you for something may cause you great harm.

If you see a tiger in a cage, it foretells that you will achieve something that you were convinced was beyond your reach.

dream tigerAssociation: – Power, – wild beauty, – sexual strength. Question: – What is dangerous in me?

In general:

Tiger stands for mighty desires and instincts which one must better control. If he attacks, one must watch out for aggressive, revengeful people, – the Old-Indian dream interpretation understands as an enemy whom one has not exposed consciously yet. If one shoots the tiger, however, one takes no damage by the aggressions of other people.


He describes, like other predators also, the overpowering impulsive in us, like the bull (see there), however, he behaves less sensibly, rather consciously specifically. The dream consciousness wants to point out to the dreaming to the fact that his desire has become independent and could tear the dreaming. Who dreams of the tiger, is vital, a propelling person who often fires out about the aim. This in the nature so strong animal manorial symbolises vitality, passion or the ability in the passion, but also aggressiveness. It is a danger signal. If the tiger can be tamed in the dream, the danger is turned away for the time being. If the dream tiger is locked up in a cage or one fights successfully against him, this indicates that one becomes man of his desires. The tiger in the dream can also be a sign for a latent psychosis. Hence, such a dream should be always taken seriously and be analysed exactly. Women often dream of tigers. Regularly they have meant before this animal though to fear, however, this nice animal as a dream symbol, nothing else than longing for powerful love (sexuality and eroticism), but at the same time fear of such an experience. Fear also, because the dreamer fears that, once woken, the foreign strength with her could go through. The similar is valid for the lion in the dream of a woman.


The tiger indicates daredevil, proud, freedom-loving and fear waking person.




  • see: watch out for a dangerous and strong enemy in your surroundings,
  • kill one: one will put a person red-handed and settle accounts with her.

(European ones).:

  • care! The instinctual life in the most primitive sense gets the upper hand,
  • see: a revengeful person will perceptibly press,
  • on coming up: one feels presecuted from enemies,
  • are pursued by one or are attacked: by a revengeful person one will have big damage, – a defeat moves to one into sombre mood,
  • can repulse the attack: one may hope in all enterprises for success,
  • run away from one: one will overcome all obstacles and climb up in a high position,
  • in the cage: one will foil his opponents,
  • shoot one: one will put out of action a revengeful person,
  • a tiger skin: one is to be come on the best way to luxury and prosperity.


  • see: an unknown enemy bothers you.
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