dream sportsAssociation: – get involved in the play, – honour. Question: – Which play do I play?

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Dreams of sport and play contain statements to our whole life style and our behaviour towards challenges. Like all dream symbols they offer many possibilities, however, are aimed as a rule at the strengthening of our assurance. Sport demands skill, planning, care, physical and mental energy. For every sporty success the motivation is also decisive. Suitable dreams stress these requirements, therefore, also particularly, and they can be understood as a request to develop them and to promote to become more successful. If one himself not pursues boxing, struggle, karate and judo, but dreams only of it, then one is up in the professional or private life probably against different opponents. How well one finishes in the dream these, shows how awake-I gets on. Maybe one ‘struggles’ with a special problem, or one tries ‘to fight the way’ etc. Maybe, however, the dream draws the attention to a rage sitting much deeper which one must abreact. If he deals with karate or judo, the problem could have intellectual relations: Does one try in the real awake life to trick the rivals? If one was a winner in the high jump or race in the dream, can be interpreted as a positive comment to the ambition in the real life.



Symbols from the area of Sport and movement appear increasingly more often in the today’s dreams. This may be due to the fact that the fitness wave has slopped over from America to Europe and more and more people look themselves around her fitness up to the fanaticism. Such cultural developments are also always reflected in the dreams, even if with a certain temporal delay. Every sport can appear in the dream, indeed, some sports as for example football and golf, archery and horse riding are taken more symbolically than others. If one dreams of a sport, this is not necessarily called that one should also pursue this sport. It often depends only on their symbolic value. Basically sports in the dream indicate a competition-stamped setting. Nevertheless, besides, is to be noted how strong competition-stamped is the suitable sport – there huge differences exist because. Here further you also find spiritual movement exercises which are not, nevertheless, at all a competition-stamped, but stress the unity of all people and living beings. These spiritual exercises are, for example, a yoga, Tai Chi, karate and judo.


Sackhüpfen, to cones, hurdle jump and other gymnastic plays for young people are heralds of quarrel and quarrel.



  • float: long healthy life.

(European ones).:

  • take part in sporty competitions: the more successfully the competition, the worse for the dreaming.

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