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We wear all kinds of shoes every day, so it’s no wonder that they often appear as a symbol in our dreams.

Dream meaning : shoes

Dreams about shoes primarily symbolize what shapes us, which is our foundation. It can reflect our values, views, beliefs, and attitude towards the world and people.


Dreams in which shoes appear are related to a moral life, values ​​and ethics, social life, and the way of conducting relationships.

If you have dreams of shoes, think about the foundation of your life, the steps you take, and the paths you take.

Shoes Dream Interpretations

shoes dream symbol

Dream about seeing shoes

If you see shoes in a dream, it means entering a new phase of life. The old cycle you are experiencing will close soon, and a unique opportunity will open and bring you many options. It would be best to be more focused and assertive to take advantage of them. It is worth using the advice and teachings of the past so that you do not make the same mistakes.

Wearing shoes

Such a dream means a surge of cash, it is a sign that the time of crisis in your home will soon end, and a new stage of inner harmony is about to come.

The improvement announced by the dream should come thanks to a new business or a new job offer.

You put your shoes on and tie them

If you dreamed of putting on shoes and tying shoelaces, such a dream confirms your readiness to start a new road. Perhaps you will begin a life together with your new partner, or maybe you will change jobs.


Changing shoes

Such a dream can mean a change of roles in your waking life, such as changing jobs, getting married, or breaking up. This dream can also signify a shift in attitude towards something or someone.

Taking shoes off

If you take off your shoes in a dream, it could mean the end of your relationship or acquaintance. Perhaps you also finish some affairs, break off relationships, close a chapter of your life forever.

shoes dream dictionary

New shoes

The dream interpretation suggests that you will find happiness in love and, consequently, in your family. Someone will soon charm you, but will it be the person you are looking for?

New and comfortable shoes announce that a new love will appear on your way. If you have new shoes, but the tight, uncomfortable meaning of dream is a warning: beware of false love.

A dream can reveal your desire to change your life. If you dreamed of wearing new shoes that someone gave you, the meaning of the dream symbolizes the inner peace and harmony that you are currently experiencing in your life. Such a dream portends happy changes. Maybe you feel like you need to start over.

New shoes bought in a dream can also indicate a long journey to distant places.

If other people admired your new shoes in your dream, such a dream could be a warning not to tell too much about yourself to your new friends. It’s essential to keep your distance until you know them better.

Dream can also mean improving a situation or a journey, new opportunities.


Old shoes

Dreaming of old shoes means that you need to take care of relationships that are important to you. If you’re stuck in a relationship that has burned out or harmed you, it’s time to end it. Take care of yourself.

If you see or wear shoes in a dream, they are a harbinger of social success.

Old shoes in a dream can also be a bad sign, foreshadowing unpleasant surprises and difficulties.

Broken shoes

Such a dream is a warning, paying attention to finances, expenses, purchases. Be careful not to make a hole in your home budget. Disputes regarding finances are possible. Plan all costs with your household members.

Shoes too small

Avoid trouble. Dream interpretation warns against difficulties in work. You may have to endure something that disturbs you over a long time, taking away your peace and patience. Be careful with the words and tone you use at work, and pay attention to your body language as any negative signs may be misinterpreted by your boss or supervisor. Dream can also be a sign of failure in projects or actions you are currently taking.

Such a dream may also indicate the possibility of betrayal.

Too big shoes

The dream of too-big shoes shows your willingness to work. You “take” everything that falls into your hands. You reach for professional and financial success. Soon you should feel the positive effects of your diligence. But are you not taking on too much?

No shoes

If you were barefoot in a dream, you would have to overcome many difficulties before achieving success. If you see other people barefoot, your spirituality needs more attention.


If you are barefoot in a dream, such a dream can reveal your carefree nature, but it can also be a sign of poverty or a lack of support and security in life. It can also be a sign of a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem.

Wet shoes

If you wear wet shoes in a dream, this may be a sign of lying and insincerity for your partner. It can also mean lies told about you by your enemies or rivals.

Shoes not fitting

If the shoes you wear in a dream are not suitable for you, the plan means that you are not true to yourself. Maybe your actions are different from your thoughts?

If you dreamed of wearing shoes unsuitable for a given occasion, for example, wearing slippers while walking in the park, such a dream could signify that you are not ready for some situation in your life. It can also mean rejection by others.

Only one shoe

If you saw only one shoe in a dream, then the plan may signify that someone who wants you very much is in love with you. If you are looking for a second shoe, you are looking for your “other half.”

Not paired shoes

Such a dream means that you are looking for a path, possibly a way out of a difficult life situation, perhaps you are considering choosing a school or a place to live. You may still be concerned about the choices you have made.

Shoes as a gift

Giving shoes to someone as a gift shows that you have the power to persuade. It is essential for negotiation and leadership. Your values ​​and beliefs are solid and well-entrenched, and therefore you can convince people of what you believe.

Buying shoes

A dream in which you buy shoes is a good sign as it indicates the full development of your personality. Harmony and balance will reign in your life, and everyday life will become calmer.


Take advantage of opportunities. Buying shoes in a dream portends good earnings, which is a good time for you to invest. Think about what else you can do to improve your finances.

According to the dream book, it is also a symbol of your approach to life. Pay attention to what shoes you are buying: what is their color, condition, size, type.

Measure shoes

This is a sign that your life is about to change. Probably the changes depend solely on you if you choose your shoes in a dream. If the boots are atypical and do not fit you, this could mean entirely new situations.

Stolen shoes

If you dream about someone stealing your shoes, it can mean both losses and profits, e.g., it is a sign of ending a relationship with someone close, but the beginning of new acquaintances.

Such a dream may also mean a refusal, for example, to live together, form a relationship, etc. Losing your shoes in a plan is also a warning not to waste your energy and efforts on unproductive activity.

Forget the shoes

Dreaming of forgetting your shoes may signify your reluctance to move forward in a specific situation. Sometimes such a dream can indicate that you do not understand something important.

A dream can also reveal the need to work on some relationship. It is a suggestion that you go on a trip with a loved one to sort out all common problems.

Fixing shoes

If you took your shoes to a shoemaker to fix them, a dream means that there may be some difficulties in your life that you can only overcome by working hard. If you are the shoemaker in a dream, you will receive a unique job offer.


Dirty shoes

Such a dream may indicate your tendency to criticize others, resulting in many enemies uncontrollably. Take control of your emotions and sometimes think before speaking.

Muddy, dirty, or torn shoes in a dream may also suggest that it is time to change something in your life, to set new goals and courses of action.

Lost shoes

Dream Of Losing Shoes : such a dream is a warning of unexpected obstacles. Dreaming can also mean that you have lost your purpose in life or don’t know what choice to make.

Look for shoes

It means that there will be a few changes in your life soon. It is an excellent time to learn new things and experiment.

Try your hand at new activities and dare what you’ve always let go of.

shoes in dream

Stealing shoes

Such a dream is a warning against people around you. Someone may be trying to rob you – material goods and spiritual goods. You should be vigilant, and you cannot trust everyone.

Shoes in the wardrobe

If you saw shoes in a wardrobe in a dream, it may mean that you are fighting with yourself, your character, features that you dislike. If these are negative qualities, fight them, but don’t overdo them and start enjoying yourself.

Shoe shop

You are preparing to make some critical decisions, stay focused and think carefully about each step. Seeing a shoe store in a dream is also a harbinger of a long and happy life.


Shoe colors

White shoes

White shoes: the dream of white shoes foreshadows new acquaintances, marriage, or change of residence. Something new will appear in your life.

Black shoes

Black shoes: such a dream may indicate problems, e.g., disagreements with loved ones. It is worth taking care of relationships, health, and the workplace.

Red shoes

Red shoes: most often, a dream suggests that you should show more affection for your partner. It can also mean your hot temper and feelings. Note under what circumstances red shoes appeared in your dream. You are waiting for a romantic relationship

Blue shoes

Blue shoes: dreaming of blue shoes means you feel content with your life. You are confident about your future. Take care of your balance.

Golden shoes

Golden shoes: a dream portends success: a promotion at work, a new profitable job, a raise, reaching for something you have been striving for a long time. Success is near.

Brown shoes

Brown shoes: this is a sign that something good will happen in your family. It is a signal for you to be more empathetic and help your loved ones more willingly.

Types of shoes

Children’s shoes

If you saw children’s shoes in a dream, it means that you miss your childhood and want to return to the old places associated with it. A dream can also mean that you have an immature approach to a matter, that you are acting not very responsible, not seriously. A dreamlike vision may also apply to love for a person younger than you.

High heels

A dream means that you want to attract the attention of those around you, stand out, mark your presence or your opinion. It may also suggest that you would like to exalt yourself. All of this indicates that you are not happy. Why do you think about yourself this way?

high heels dream

Sports shoes

Dreaming may propose that you live a comfortable life, but it can also draw attention to the need to take care of your health. Sport shoes seen in a dream also propose an increase in physical activity and mental, professional, and family activity.

Winter boots

The dream interpretation cautions that you should stop living your dreams and care about real, everyday matters. A dream may also mean that you should take care of yourself and your home to be a warm and safe place for all household members.


Walking in a dream in high heels signals that you want to emphasize the strengths of your beauty, impress someone, charm someone you care about. Dream can also mean self-esteem and life aspirations to gain ever higher positions, greater recognition, or praise.

Sandals, flip-flops

The dream of sandals means a comfortable life, the pursuit of comfort. It can also mean a longing for a lighter life or better conditions. It can also mean going on a dream vacation.


Boots in a dream mean prosperity and happiness in life. The dream interpretation suggests that you will be successful in business. Favorable contracts and large-value contracts are ahead of you.

Shoes for dancing

First, we need to clarify the meaning of dance as a symbol of dream. It is essential to understand the dynamics of the dance and the presence of the dancers.

If you are dancing in your dream as a professional, instructor, or hobbyist, it means that you are doing something that makes you feel fulfilled and happy.

Sometimes it can mean that you want to reach something new or expand your business influence. If you like dancing in real life, a dream can mean that you are happy or want to find some source of new happiness.


If you hate dancing, you’ve probably found yourself in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable.

Dreams about shoes – Meaning and Symbolism

  • You see shoes – you are entering a new phase of life
  • You wear shoes – your finances will improve
  • You put on your shoes and tie your shoelaces – something new will start in your life
  • You change shoes – you change something in your life
  • You take off your shoes – you finish some business, break off relationships forever
  • New shoes – you are looking for happiness in love and life
  • Old shoes – take care of relationships that are important to you
  • Destroyed shoes – pay attention to finances
  • Too small shoes – watch out for the work situation
  • Too big shoes – success is close
  • No shoes (barefoot) – you lack confidence and support
  • Wet shoes – watch out for lies and gossip
  • Mismatched shoes – you are not ready for a particular situation
  • Only one shoe – someone is in love with you
  • Shoes as a gift – you know how to convince others to be right
  • Buying shoes – you strive for harmony and balance
  • Try on shoes – changes are coming in your life
  • Stolen shoes (loss of shoes) – something ends, something begins
  • Forget your shoes – you don’t understand something important
  • Repairing shoes – you can only overcome the difficulties with hard work
  • Dirty (muddy) shoes – it’s time to change something in your life
  • You have lost your shoes – unexpected obstacles will appear
  • Theft of shoes – be vigilant
  • Shoes in the wardrobe – like yourself
  • Shoe Store – Prepare to make an important decision
  • Children’s shoes – you are acting irresponsibly
  • High heels – you want to attract the attention of those around you
  • Sports shoes – take care of your health
  • Winter boots – you should take care of yourself and your home
  • High heels – you would like to impress someone
  • Sandals, flip-flops – you strive for comfort and a better life
  • Boots – you will be successful in business

Detailed interpretation of dream about shoes

Shoes can present themselves in our dreams in many ways. We also see different types of shoes – stilettos indeed evoke other images and feelings than a pair of muddy running sneakers!

A symbol of a new beginning

Before we start our daily duties, we must put on our shoes.

Shoes are often the beginning of something new or a symbol of taking the first steps. If you embark on a new project or a new chapter in your life, shoes may likely appear in your dream.

They are typically a sign of how you currently perceive this new direction.

A dream about shoes can also signify that you are on the bottom. You may feel as if you need to do something with your life.

The symbol for the perception of reality

If we only see the shoes and not the person, it may mean that we lack perspective or are not looking at the whole thing, at all the details.

Shoes as a symbol of the path of life

Sometimes shoes can show where we are on our life path.


Walking and roads are typically associated with metaphorical life paths, such as career, relationships, and spiritual development. We frequently associate certain types of shoes with significant life events or milestones.

For example, a pair of white dress shoes can be associated with a dream wedding. Baby shoes can be related to dreaming about a baby or pregnancy.

Symbol of the workplace

We typically deal with conflicting thoughts, ideas, and emotions.

It can be challenging to stand up for your own needs or express your genuine opinion, especially in the face of the constant noise of others drowning you out. If you feel that others are typically disregarding your ideas and feelings, or if you feel that people never take you seriously, a dream may mean that there is something you need to defend or fight for.

We frequently associate shoes with the roles we play in life, regardless of whether they are the roles of our archetypes or it is a specific professional role, e.g., a person working in a restaurant often wears special shoes, a construction worker may wear shoes with steel toes To protect themselves while working, doctors and nurses wear professional medical shoes for their comfort and safety.

If you dream of a certain shoe style, or it’s a shoe that you regularly wear to work, it may likely have something to do with your professional career. Ask yourself, are you satisfied with your current working conditions? Do you like the job you do? Dreaming of losing your shoes for work and being late can mean that you are uncomfortable at work or are out of balance between work and personal life.

Protection and defense

We wear shoes to protect our feet. We walk on uneven surfaces, from gravel and rock to the hot concrete of a city sidewalk.

The type of shoe is important to convey how you can protect yourself from the challenges of daily life. Shoes protect your feet from various factors and also protect against weather conditions. For example: in winter we wear snow boots and rain boots.


We can see shoes as a means of protection and defense. In a dream, this may be manifested by the need to wear certain types of shoes, such as combat boots or boots with reinforced elements.

A symbol of luxury

If you dream of designer shoes but seem to be missing out on other clothing items, it may mean that you are not comfortable with certain people. It can also mean that you are not at peace with yourself.

Grounding forces

Footwear can also be associated with putting your foot on the ground. We can connect with the earth’s energy every time we go outside.

Many people are not down-to-earth. To feel good, you need to balance your spiritual, mental, and emotional self and the physical world. If you think you are out of balance, maybe your dream is trying to tell you that you need it.

Walking barefoot

Lack of shoes walking barefoot may mean that you must connect better with the physical world and achieve balance and harmony.

The meaning of dream depends on your lifestyle. Possibly you like to go barefoot?

dream about shoes interpretation

Shoes Dream Meaning And Interpretation

We have many roles and responsibilities in life. As a parent, you may need help looking after your children. As an adult, you may feel you need to meet certain expectations of others.

In cases where you are wearing the wrong shoes or if the shoes are upside-down (e.g., you are wearing the left shoe on your right foot or the right shoe on your left foot) – this may mean that you are discovering different roles and responsibilities in your life.


You may find yourself in a situation where the roles have been reversed. For example, perhaps you are now looking after your parents.

What Dream About Shoes Means

dream shoes

In general, to dream of shoes signifies your attitude towards life. You are a very practical person and are steadfast in your opinions and principles.

If you are changing your shoes, then it symbolizes a change in your attitude or outlook. If you forget your shoes, then it implies that you are being stubborn and you are declining to alter your opinion or point of view.

To see old and worn shoes in your dream indicates that you achieve your goals by being attentive, meticulous, and thorough with your tasks. It may also denote your acknowledgement of your true self.

To see new shoes in your dream insinuates that you are embarking on a journey to an unknown destination in your life. You may be arrogant and sure of yourself.

To dream that you are wearing inappropriate shoes for the activity at hand suggests that you will encounter difficulties and obstacles during your life. You may be traveling down an inappropriate or incorrect path and you should stop to rethink your ultimate purpose.

To dream that you are not wearing any shoes indicates that you are insecure and not sure if your decisions and actions are correct. Inner conflicts regarding your individuality and feelings exist. Thus, if you dream that you lose your shoes, then it proposes that you are struggling to uncover your true self.

To see baby shoes in your dream represents wholesomeness, virtue, naivety, compassion, and the need for affection. If you have children, or children are in your near future, this suggests that you will find yourself in a more sensible and practical role. Taking care of a child requires great attention and self-sacrifice.


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