A dream about a sister is a clear sign that you miss your family. In interpreting this dream, it is important what kind of relationship you have with your sister in waking life. The dream is also often a call for help.

Dreambook sister

To see a sister (birth sister)

If your sister is going through personal, professional, or love problems, then it is time to help her. The dream may also mean that it is time to resume contact with your sister or improve your relationship.


Twin sister

A twin sister in a dream is an indication that you need to know yourself better, understand your feelings, and face them. A dream about a twin sister is a sign that you should pay more attention to your inner self.

If you can recognize your mistakes and work on solving them, then you are on the right track. Try to analyze your flaws and qualities, if you feel that you did something wrong, stop and fix it now.

Older sister

A dream about an older sister represents security and wisdom. You are not afraid to step into new ground, and this attitude will open many doors for you!

If you see your older sister in your dream Dreambook predicts that you will soon experience moments of stability in your personal, emotional, financial, as well as professional life.

Dreambook, however, warns that everything is fleeting.

Cousin sister

According to Dreambook, such a dream means that you can count on the help of relatives.


Another dream meaning may suggest that someone close to you will need your help.

Husband’s sister

The dream symbolizes that someone is thinking about you. This is likely a person on whom you care. It is worth talking to her and confiding your problems.


A dream about a nun indicates the arrival of someone who will become very important in your life. He may be a friend or a partner who will warm your heart.

To talk to a sister

If you are experiencing financial problems, this dream hints at contacting your sister, she will give you energy and strength. Try to appreciate this and believe that this problem will be overcome in a short time.

The meaning of the dream suggests that you will need to strengthen ties with your sister. Make an agreement for a visit or coffee and reminisce about old times.

Such a dream also means that good news will come soon. The meaning of the dream indicates the beginning of an improvement phase in your life.

To hug your sister

Arguments between siblings are normal and are almost always a sign of love, albeit laced with a bit of selfishness. Try to talk to your sister calmly. It’s time to solve problems.

Another dream meaning suggests strengthening ties with your sister, to contacting her more often. Dreaming about your sister and hugging her is a clear sign that a very happy period in your life is coming.


Hugging means restoring ties. A family member or friend you haven’t seen in a long time may come back into your life.

On the other hand, if you have a conflict with someone close to you or a friend, hugging your sister is a sign of reconciliation, solving problems once and for all. Take the initiative to reconcile, and everything will work out successfully.

Laughing (smiling) sister

If your sister was smiling in a dream it is a sign that if you are experiencing difficulties, they will soon subside and a phase of peace will come for you and your loved ones. Dreambook also suggests that all the problems you have been facing in your work will be overcome.

Crying sister

Crying refers to difficult situations that a family member or loved one is going through and needs your help. Try to get in touch with your loved ones to see if everything is okay. Dreambook advises you to get close to your friends and show that you can help them if they need it.

To argue with your sister

According to Dreambook, you need to pay more attention to your family. Try to appreciate those who are always on your side. If there was an argument between you once or you carry a grudge from the past, it is time for reconciliation.

If you dreamed that you quarreled with your sister it means that you will soon end disputes with someone. This could be your sister or someone close to you. Dreambook warns: that if you are not in control, things can get worse. Act strategically, putting emotions aside.

Another dream meaning suggests that such a dream is a sign of disagreements, especially in the family or with your own sister. Remain vigilant and try to avoid unpleasant situations that may shake your loved ones.

Sister’s birthday

The dream indicates that you will go through a very positive process of personal development. Do not ignore this process and always do what is best for you.


Sister’s journey (with sister).

According to the Dreambook, a new stage in your life is about to begin, and know that it is normal to fear something unknown. Just don’t let this fear stop you from moving forward and exploring what the world can offer you.

Sex with your sister

The meaning of this dream usually speaks of your inner problems. If you are going through a difficult time, don’t be afraid to ask for help from others.

Sister got married (sister’s wedding)

Dreaming about your sister’s wedding is a good sign for your love life. You have a chance for romance. In steady relationships, there may come a period of tightening ties or a renewed infatuation.

Pregnant sister

According to Dreambook, a pregnant sister in a dream is a sign of great changes in your life, as well as in the life of your family. Pregnancy can be interpreted as the arrival of new news and change. It could be a new relationship, marriage, change of home, position, or job.

If your sister is pregnant with twins it means that you will receive good assets doubly.

Sister has given birth to a child (sister with child)

If you dreamed that your sister gave birth to a child, it is a sign of upcoming changes. This change will affect both your life and your sister’s life.

Sick sister

A dream about a sick sister indicates that you need to work on resolving all your fears. Verify them and take action to eliminate all fears.

The dream is a warning: you need to take more care of your health, otherwise, it can thwart your plans. Therefore, pay more attention to the signals your body gives. If you have a health problem, even harmless, get treatment as soon as possible.


Injured sister

The dream suggests that there are people close to you who want to harm you. Don’t talk too much about your achievements and plans. Think through what you can say to whom.

Death of a sister

The meaning of the dream suggests that you pay more attention to the person with whom you fought in the past, because she may return. In the end, it’s up to you whether you fight with her again or not!

Deceased sister

The dream meaning indicates homesickness if your real sister is dead. On the other hand, if your sister appears as deceased only in your dream, it means that you will go through a big change, which will make you feel a little confused. But after some time you will get used to the new situation.

If in your dream you talked to your sister, who has already died, the interpretation depends on the feeling you had in your dream. If it was positive it would mean that a phase of stability and peace will soon prevail in your life. On the other hand, if you feel something negative, the dream can be interpreted as a sign that there will be some kind of loss in your life. Try to prepare yourself mentally to face possible difficulties.

Dream meaning of sister

  • To see a sister (sibling sister) – it is time to help your sister
  • Twin sister – get to know yourself better
  • Older sister – you will experience stability in your life
  • Aunt sister – you can count on the help of relatives
  • Husband’s sister – someone is thinking about you
  • Religious sister (nun) – someone important will appear in your life
  • To talk to a sister – strengthen your ties with your sister
  • To hug a sister – it’s time to solve problems and reconcile
  • Laughing (smiling) sister – all problems will be solved
  • Crying sister – check if someone needs your help
  • To argue with your sister – pay more attention to your family
  • Sister’s birthday – take care of yourself
  • Sister’s journey (with sister) – a new stage in your life is about to begin
  • Sex with your sister – don’t be afraid to ask for help from others
  • Sister got married (sister’s wedding) – you have a chance for romance
  • Sister pregnant – big changes are coming in your life
  • Sister gave birth to a child (sister with child) – something important will happen in your life
  • Sick sister – take care of your health
  • Injured sister – be careful of the people who surround you
  • Death of a sister – old disputes may return
  • Deceased sister – you will go through plenty of change

Dreambook mystic – sister

  • If in a dream you see your own sister, it foretells good health for you.
  • When you dream that you are saying goodbye to your sister, it signals that you can not count on anyone in connection with an issue and you have to cope alone.
  • If you dream that you are looking at your dying sister, it augurs for you a deterioration of your property status and, as a result – living conditions.

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