Dreaming of a ship means prosperity, but also being led by emotions rather than reason.

Dream Meaning Of Ship

This dream foretells a lot of good things in different areas of life, especially in your professional life, and if you are going through difficult times, things will settle down very quickly. Dreaming of a ship also means that you should pay more attention to your emotions.


Seeing a ship

A dream in which you see a ship can mainly refer to your relationships, especially love relationships. The dream is a sign that the relationship you are dreaming about will not come true. If you are in a relationship and experiencing difficulties, the dreamer claims that you will now receive what you have invested in the relationship. Beware of being hurt and deceived.

Seeing or being on a ship on calm waters in a dream is a sign of joy and family happiness. The dream is a sign of peace and ease. This feeling of happiness can come from your family, friends, loving partner or professional achievements. If the water was crystal clear, it is a sign of loyalty and faithfulness to loved ones.
If the water is troubled, the meaning of the dream is a harbinger of struggle.

If you see a ship in rough waters, you need to strengthen your control over your life to prevent your ship from sinking. A dream of sailing in rough waters symbolizes difficult times, but with a little patience everything will be all right.

Small ship

This dream may mean that you are going through a difficult time, and you may not be able to rely on others for help. But do not worry, you will definitely be able to overcome your problems on your own.

Big ship

If you saw a very large ship in your dream, you will experience a very successful and prosperous period in your life. You may see professional success, a happy resolution of personal matters or favorable changes.

Cruise by ship (sailing, traveling by ship)

A cruise is a sign of great love. A dream of being on a ship symbolizes great and intense love. It is time to experience a new love adventure.


Building a ship

A dream of building a ship symbolizes prosperity. The ship you saw in your dream is a symbol of your future. Pay attention to the dimensions of the ship. Was it beautiful and magnificent or ugly and plain? Ask yourself, what are you doing today in your waking life to make yourself a safe ship, ready to travel?

Abandoning the ship

A dream about abandoning ship means that you are paying too much attention to your emotions and overlooking reason. You need to learn to let things take their course. Therefore, interpret this dream as a warning against making bad decisions. Although there is nothing wrong with acting from the heart, you should be aware that sometimes it is necessary to think more deeply in order to avoid making bad decisions.
The meaning of the dream is to give up attachments and focus on emotions.
The dream is also a clear sign of desperation, since one abandons ship only when something bad happens.

Sinking ship

A dream of a sinking ship draws attention to your feelings and emotions, because you feel insecure and afraid of losing what you have gained because of some difficulty you are experiencing in the present moment. We don’t always have control over everything, but trusting in fate is a step towards getting the best out of life.

A dream of a sinking ship means that you have lost control of a difficult situation and may need the help of a third party to get back on your feet.

Burning ship

A dream of a burning ship is strongly associated with passions. If you see a burning fire in your dream, it is a sign that this relationship will have a very positive meaning in your life. On the other hand, if you see a dying fire in your dream, it may symbolize that there may be disappointments in your relationship.

Anchored ship

To dream of a ship at anchor means that you are about to embark on a journey. Anchoring is the same as being stranded in a new port, so the place you arrive at may be so appealing that you think about moving.

If you are looking for new adventures and a radical change in your life, this may be the time. Changing your environment and meeting new people will give you a boost. Be careful not to get carried away with your emotions and spend too much.


The meaning of the dream of an anchor is that it foretells a period of great happiness. Lifting the anchor means great financial success and travel. It can also be the beginning of a new and better phase of life.


Wreck (sunken ship)

A dream of a ship at the bottom of the sea represents a great loss you are experiencing, as well as an inner desire to regain something that has been lost. The dreamer advises you to follow your instincts and save what you are losing, whether it is a person, a hobby, or an opportunity.

Fleet of ships (many, several ships)

A dream about a fleet of ships indicates success in business.
Being on a large ship indicates that you have leadership skills and are highly respected by your colleagues. Being on one of the ships that make up the fleet makes you part of a strategic team of great importance to the company or corporation you work for.

Types of ships

Cruise ship

The dream is a sign that you are going through a period of great emotional instability. You should work on becoming more balanced, this may be a prelude to a proper solution.

Pirate ship

A dream of a pirate ship can represent your innermost desires that have been suppressed for so many years.

Another meaning of this dream is a warning against jealous people who may surround you. Don’t be fooled, not all your friendships are true, before you trust someone, analyze your relationships to determine who is your true friend.

A dream about a pirate ship is a clear sign that you really want to have an adventure, but you have many fears. The dreamer advises you to free yourself from your fears, this is the only way to achieve your dreams.

Warship (ship)

A dream in which you see a warship represents conflicts with yourself or someone else. The dreamer advises you to be patient and try to understand the attitudes of others so as not to hurt the people you really love.

Dream meaning: ship

  • To see a ship – you will get what you have invested in your relationship
  • Small ship – you will overcome your problems alone
  • A large ship – an auspicious period in your life lies ahead
  • Cruise with a ship (sail, travel with a ship) – you can experience a love adventure
  • Building a ship – you build your future
  • Leaving the ship – you pay too much attention to your emotions
  • Sinking ship – you may need the help of others
  • Burning ship – thinking about your relationship with your partner
  • Anchored ship – you are about to embark on a journey
  • Anchor – a period of great happiness lies ahead
  • Wreck (sunken ship) – you want to salvage something
  • Fleet of ships (many, several ships) – business success awaits you
  • Cruise ship – emotional balance
  • Pirate ship – beware of jealous people
  • Ship (warship) – be patient, show understanding to others

Mystic dream meaning – ship

This symbol can indicate that you have changed the course of your life since you woke up, and you are not very comfortable in this situation because you do not know what will happen next.


Meaning of the dream ship

If you dream that you see a ship, it indicates that your destiny is about to change in some way.

If you are on a ship, it is a sign that there will be changes in your life that you have been planning for a long time.

If you see a ship entering a port in your dream, it means that you will meet someone close to you.

If you dream that you are leaving the ship after arriving at the port, it foretells that you will succeed in achieving a certain goal.

If you see a ship being built or loaded, it is a harbinger of material gains that await you.

A ship in the fog that appears in your dream is a signal from your subconscious that you will be threatened by some danger when you wake up.

If you dream of a ship in a storm, it is a sign that you will be threatened by some danger when you wake up, but if you exercise increased caution, you will be able to protect yourself from it.

A sinking ship foretells that, despite your innocence, you will suffer some injustice from fate.


If you see a shipwreck in your dream, it is a sign of bad luck in your professional life.

If you dream that you are the captain of a ship, it means that your friend will fall into disgrace and you will not be able to stop it, no matter how hard you try.

If you dream that you are sailing on a ship in a storm, it foretells dangerous and unpleasant situations for you.

If you dream that you want to sail a ship but can’t, it means that you will encounter some difficulties in pursuing an important project.

If you dream that you are standing on land and see a ship sailing on the sea, it foretells a journey for you or a message from someone far away from you.

If the ship bounces off the shore, it is a sign that you still have to wait for success and better fortune in life.

A ship coming ashore or moored in a harbor is a sign of imminent prosperity for you.

dream shipDreams of ships and boats show how the dreaming masters his own and the feelings of other people. They can also show how the dreaming navigates by his life and whether he has it under control. Ship stands for the personality and her kind to assert itself in the life. Often the wish for change is connected with it which one must consider, however, carefully, – above all the ship in the storm or fog can warn about the dangers of premature changes. If the ship sets or it lies on the dry, this announces a failure of plans because one has not prepared them probably thoroughly enough.



In former times one thought that all things had a soul. Therefore, one saw in the ship a female being which was often shown in the form of a female figurehead. The ship was valid in the Egyptian mythology as the soul ship and, therefore, also as a dead person’s ship. In other myths it stood against it than life ship. This meaning has it also in the dream. The trip in the ship is the symbolised life trip of the dreaming which amounts, nevertheless, rather to an unaware process. The ship in the dream mostly translates our life ship, which on swinging waves the carried personality which starts over and over again to new shores and she never finishes learning. Already the Chinese book of wisdom ‘I Ging’ emphasises the psychic value of a ship trip (in the dream), – it is good ‘to cross the water’. From the dream everybody itself can easily indicate whether the life trip contains a good one or a bad aspect if he pulls up other symbols for the explanation. The smoke (see there) of a steamboat is already often symbolic-laden, also whether the machine (see there) makes full journey ahead or whether she does not further the ship. If the dreaming is only in his dream in a small boat, it is in the time that he gets about that clarity how he handles with isolation and loneliness. If the dream of the stay on a big ship acts, the attention of the dreaming is drawn with it to his use of group relations. If he has missed in the dream his ship, he should take of his perfectionist’s broad claim distance to perceive all chances and opportunities.


At the spiritual level the ship symbolises the setting of the person to the death. The symbol stands for the ‘last trip’, but also for fertility and adventure.


The taxes of a ship bring in general luck if one lands flatly or stings safely in lake, however, it will go off not without strain and fear. If one dreams of being on a ship and on quiet journey, is for each a sign of good premeaning, – however, one gets in a storm, it indicates discords and dangers. If one gets in a storm or suffers wreck, is after my observations quite a bad portent. A wreck with which the ship capsizes or smashes in rock brings all damage, excluded to people who are held on by others by force, and slaves, – this releases it from her Bedrängern, – the ship resembles because the Widerwärtigkeiten by which they are tormented. Always it is better to be in Board of a big ship with firm load because the journey on small ships, even if she proceeds flatly, is connected with all profit, nevertheless, always with a risk. Here still the following tip: To go over the sea and to be on quiet journey is far favorable to navigate as by the interior, – the latter meant, the luck shall be seized dilatorier, more fickly and only hard. It is more disastrous to get through a storm on the sea than one in the country. If one is not able to sail in spite of the best will or one is held back from other by force, the obstacles and delays register in the enterprises, – also it means delays and obstacles if the journey is complicated by the interior by trees or rocks. For everybody it is a good portent, to see move from the country from ships through the sea and sailing with favorable wind, and it is the symbol of a trip…, – it announces travelling the return in the native country, often also news from overseas. Jump-off of ships in lake, the good comes true more slowly, – then the journey begins only, – landing and in the harbour running ships force the luck faster here, – they have achieved the aim of the journey. Harbours and all anchorages always mean friends and benefactors, foothills and bays against it to people whom we estimate of necessity, but not from free pieces and which do not prove good also for their part us from goodwill. Anchors point to the necessary and sure in the shops, however, prevent a trip, – then they are always ejected to give firm hold to the ships. To hawser and all kinds of ropes are symbols of advance, working obligations, contracts and seizure of property. The mast means ship man, the bug the untercoxswain, the goose’s neck (an ornament fastened in the rear.) the upper coxswain, the rigging the sailors and the sail pole the supervisor about the rowers. If any part of a lying at anchor ship is damaged, follows in such a way that the person called thereby dies. If is the ship on journey, it will be packed by an immense storm and just to that ship part an unusual danger threatens. The storm will pull up from the side, from which the fire (flash, St Elmo’s fire?) in the sky it comes up to the ship. I know a shipowner to whom it dreamt, he has lost the protective gods put up on his ship, – he was in big fear and believed, the dream face announces his end, – however, everything went out on the contrary well. He made a lot of money, paid back to the Gläubigern to which the ship was pledged which had from them to taken up advances and with it nobody more who could assert a claim to the ship. Always it is a sign of good premeaning to look the sea in gentle movement and in quiet lapping of the waves, it prophesies shining business success, – calm against it, because of the immobility, shutdown of the shops, a storm excitement and losses, – then he causes them. Everything what surrounds us personally has the same meaning, e.g., a garment, a ship and similar more. It dreamt, e.g., somebody, he has dressed in a garment of wood. He was on a sea voyage and made progress by the ship only slowly, – then the garment of wood was synonymous by the ship.


(imperial ships):

  • imperial warships indicate at wars.
  • The ship on which the emperor is means Augusta, accordingly the ship of Augusta points to the emperor.
  • Cracking the imperial quick yachtsman or he gets in sea need, prophesies the death of the empress, – such happens to the ship of the empress, threatens the emperor the death.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, his quick yachtsman has become leaky or has damaged, the empress will fall ill according to the damage.
  • tearing open

  • Being the ship up to the imperial throne, the empress will die.
  • the emperor a new quick yachtsman is deprived build, he becomes according to his colour and beauty a woman, – he lets on this ship establish a throne, he will agree of her one son who will follow him in the rule, – looks the emperor that the throne breaks, burns down or is damaged, means the death of his son.
  • his ship gets stuck without moving in the sea, will suffer the empress so long hardship and disgrace as the ship has remained disabled, – however, she will not die.
  • letting of the emperors own quick yachtsmen build, he will get concubines and lend them rank and dignity.
  • Looking he, as the ship of the empress suffers wreck, the dream will come true in him.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, his fleet would be prepared, stings for the campaign in lake and holds good journey, he will succeed according to the good course, the opposite will arrive at the other case.
  • Seeming it him that his Geschütze have become more extensively and stronger than before will be he to full joy and win over his enemies.
  • shooting the Geschütze fire from around hostile ships and positions to set on fire, the victory over the enemies will be so immense as the effect of the fire was, – the hostile ships are shot in fire, their setting will be sealed.
  • letting of the emperors a new fleet of many ships build, he will bring together mighty armed forces according to the number of the ships against his enemies, – this face looks another, it indicates at the emperor.


    the ship his welfare and security means

  • Driving one to ship about a river or the sea, before enemies, – the ship gets in danger, the dreamer will lose his screen and protection and fall ill, however, he had smooth journey, he will have in his occupation good salary.
  • Acquiring somebody merchant ships, he will acquire slaves in kind of his house comrades, – the ships get in sea need, danger and to himself beggary threatens his slaves.
  • he will calculate

  • Building of ships, according to their number on an increase of his property and get him also.
  • see a long way off: there approaches a quick separation which will cause a change of location and change of job – also: one will be based a new circle of friends, –
  • see: if a voyage registers, –
  • with many people on it: you will be lonesome, –
  • come, in general: glad message from wide distance, –
  • see driving in a harbour: your matters will take care to your satisfaction, –
  • (even) in a harbour wearing: you will happily escape from a danger, –
  • in the harbour: the view of a financial profit is good, – one will be able to enjoy his life in rest and security, –
  • without mast and sail has run aground: Disruption of the property relations or family background, –
  • without mast and sail, in general: The need from which there is, however, rescue, –
  • on the water: Profit, because your shops stand good, –
  • in the country: your work does not repay, – also: you will find no requited love, –
  • see loading: successful business, –
  • see projecting: you may expect distant-living friends, –
  • leaves: you must say goodbye to dear friends, – also: drastic changes in the way of life approach, –
  • on a wrong one be: one should check his professional connections and interests whether one has not smashed a wrong way, –
  • go themselves with it: Luck, – one stands before a heavy decision which will affect with lasting effect the future, –
  • decorated: a honeymoon, –
  • lights up: hot nights of love, –
  • suffer wreck: one runs the risk to lose his existence basis, – also: free yourselves immediately of unbecoming connections, –
  • steer: your enterprise will succeed, –
  • driverless: Failure, –
  • see building: fluctuating love, –
  • see setting: sad news will frighten you, – also: you must bury your hopes, –
  • see burning, in general: hurry up, otherwise you come too late, –
  • see burning brightly: a profit, the hostility woken, –
  • see burning: big loss, –
  • lying at anchor: remain firmly with that, what you to you carried out, –
  • in a river: Joy.

(European ones).:

  • change of the life, – on water a little bit uncertainly felt, above all with murky water, – forecasts honour and in proportion to the present life style transportations at high level, –
  • see: if Li> tells a change or a change in,
  • or also steamboat: if Li> promises big wealth,
  • aboard be: if travelling and good shops promises, – the current life displeases one and one longs for other relations, –
  • see setting off or even with one set off: tells a resignation of a person, a place or a thing in, – also: if a drastic change announces, –
  • on a wrong ship be: one should check all his professional connections and aims most exactly, because one has made the wrong decision, –
  • see running in a harbour: if a reunion, –
  • promises

  • leave after the buying in the harbour: one will achieve his aim, –
  • see build or loading: Li> means a profit,
  • success, –

  • in the fog: if means menacing danger, –
  • see in sea need: Warning before a great danger, –
  • see in a violent storm: unhappy business developments approach, – one will have to try to keep secret an intrigue, because a business partner puts under pressure with it, –
  • the burning: if Li> promises losses,
  • see sinking: blameless there threatens a heavy stroke of fate, – bad news of a friend and business losses, –
  • reports from a wreck hear: if a sign is for a catastrophic development of the life, – friends will cheat to one, –
  • die with a ship setting: there threatens a dangerous attack on the honour or the life, –
  • castaways: one will take pains in vain to protect a friend against disgrace or bankruptcy, –
  • Dreaming a man of a ship, the longing for a woman expresses itself in it: a battleship symbolises a prostitute, – a sailing ship symbolises a young girl.


    different people mean

  • of ships.
  • Dreaming somebody, he dies aboard a ship, the death means there life and freeing from need and misery.
  • worries and need him will depress

  • Loading somebody a ship with his having and property to go away from home.
  • Having he the ship mounted and he sails with favorable wind, he will make progress and be favoured above others by the prince, like from the wind, – however, the wind is adverse, expect him illness, need, chains and difficulties which thwart his wishes, – he succeeds in anchoring before country, his distress around will be so more tolerable, the more he has approached the country.
  • big worries and fears him will torment

  • Being the ship with grain and legumes been loaded, according to the amount of the loading good, however, he will not perish, – then the ship means rescue.
  • Dreaming one, he builds a merchant ship, he will collect because of confidential plans several people around himself, – however, this dream only powerful figures look.
  • the dreaming the construction explains

  • after his desire, he will see his wishes in all full, – something lacks the construction, his plan will lead the way doubtless more slowly according to the work on the construction.
  • Dreaming one, he sails on the dry country, he will have big worries on a voyage, and the end of it will be his setting.
  • on the sea: Profit, –
  • see in the country: you will suffer incommodities, –
  • see building: fluctuating love, –
  • on the water see: you have at the moment a lot of luck, –
  • under the water: is careful, a danger threatens you, –
  • go themselves with it: you can count certainly on a success, –
  • in a brook: you are not healthy, –
  • steer: you are too sluggish, hence, you also come very slowly to your aim, –
  • without masts: good times will come, and it become all bad luck which you experience, can forget, –
  • without chimney: trust in your man’s God, he will not leave you certainly, –
  • see setting: you will soon receive good news, –
  • see burning: if you act fair, everything will become good, –
  • in the harbour runs: is not so jealous, –
  • quiescent: you are too soft, hence, you come so hard to the aim, –
  • see loading: Misfortune in all things, –
  • see projecting: you will perform result to an invitation.
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