dream shadeAssociation: – Concealed, dark side of a picture. Question: – What am I ready to illuminate?

In general:

We often dream that somebody tries to break in us – maybe hammers at the windows herumprobiert or to the door. Very often is the dream shape (somebody whom we hate or fear) our shade – an important figure in our dreams. People admit own mistakes to themselves only with reluctance. We add venial sins like Schwindeleien or temperament outbreaks maybe still rather, however, our worst flaws in the character are buried so deeply in the unconscious that we deny them almost automatically. Jung represented the opinion that they would be still shown us in the dream, namely from our ‘shade’, everything shows what we to ourselves hate. In the awake life one can sometimes identify the shade more different simply by the fact that one asks the person concerned which kind of person to him is really antipathetic. Because our prejudices and vices are buried so thoroughly, we recognise our shade only with reluctance, even if he (or they, however, the shade accepts mostly male Gestallt) to us in the dream meets. We often avoid the responsibility, while we push the trains which we find hideous other in the shoes. Jung encouraged the dreamers in the dream analysis to find out more about her shade, to resign himself to him or to make friends even – it could be a friend or a known personality (with public figures we often recognise traits again which we abhor, even own, however, and also know this). In any case, we can get to know from the exactly figure which seems to embody all our worst flaws in the character a lot about ourselves. This is a painful process which should take place best of all within the scope of a psychoanalysis.



The shade is a very ambiguous vision. That what does not step brightly and clearly, the uncertain which gives fear to us. He can point above all to a disturbed self-esteem of the dreaming if this believes itself in the dream in the most true sense of the word in the shade put. Shade stands in general for unaware processes and contents which illuminate one, so consciously must make and process. Besides, it can concern edged out experiences, shame, feelings of guilt or fears, sometimes also around the events which are prepared indiscernibly and preeject her shades. For the dream interpretation must be considered the whole connection and above all the objects or people who throw her shades. Other interpretations are possible after the following accompanying circumstances:

  • seeing we in the dream a shade, and it is more own only ours, we imagine in the awake life that we do not manage, we lack courage, we are afraid above all and to everybody – fear which sometimes already borders on pursuit mania.
  • own shades see worries and difficulties announce.
  • to seats we, however, in the shade, while the sun seems, can be soon cleared a matter to the most full satisfaction.
  • in the shade can stand register that one is protected by others or is strongly influenced, – disappointment or bitterness is also sometimes expressed in it because one lives on the shadow side.
  • shadow play warns about cunning and deception more different.
  • shadowy people see aforesaid that one feels injured in his pride and believes to have become packed and from somebody in the shade gone over.



  • see: indicates at pursuit,
  • stand in it: you are suppressed,
  • see sit in the shade or sitting to themselves: one will be cheated by a being close person,
  • see the own: if a fateful experience announces, – illness and death, – also: free yourselves immediately from nasty connections,
  • of other people: is watchful before thieves.

(European ones).:

  • as a warning dream in unsafe situation to understand, – one would like to cause a purification, – also in a matter: Profit on account of a legal matter,
  • of objects see: one will be frightened by arrogant dangers,
  • see: if disgrace is valid for fear and sometimes, – experience grief,
  • go in hot weather in the chill shade or stay in it: a depressing event,
  • sit in the shade: Care, somebody wants to cheat to one,
  • must be in it, while one would like to be in the light: if purification of an opaque matter,
  • promises

  • see his own: if means grief, – one should free himself quickest of nasty human connections,
  • see the shade before himself: the future development in the life virtually throws the shade ahead,
  • see the shade behind himself: old fears and feelings of guilt pursue to one on every step.


  • to own see: Fear and terror,
  • a foreign one: you are timourous,
  • go in the shade: you will avoid an oppressive relation.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Shade

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