dream scandalThey worry too much about the clap in your life. Or if you yourselves have clapped: Do you need really the bad luck more different to make progress?



  • cause: you will come in court, – also: you have annoyance with your neighbours, – also: In a quarrel thing one should impose himself moderation. She will turn to the good.

(European ones).:

  • cause: if a reconciliation manages,
  • an object one be: one is with the choice of his friends not particularly a talent, – one searches rather superficial acquaintances, – the business will badly run,
  • A young woman who deals with a scandal will prove to somebody her favour to which she leaves in the faith to have good intentions. A quick marriage follows only seldom after this dream.


  • hear: you will fall out with friends.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Scandal

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