A dream about school means that your feelings and emotions about what happened when you were a student are still alive and have a significant impact on you. For those who still attend school, the dream may be a reflection of what happens there on a daily basis. The meaning of the dream about school also symbolizes that you need to spend more time on your development, on learning.

Dream Meaning About School


This dream can also mean a time of great challenges. It can be a sign that you need the wisdom to make important decisions at this time. The meaning of a dream about school is usually related to the fact that you need to go through tests and trials in your personal or professional life.

Elementary school

If you dream that you are going back to school and you are still a child, the meaning of the dream suggests that you may be living more in fantasy than in reality. The meaning of the dream is that it is time to grow up. If you dreamed of going to school as an adult, the dream predicts that you will soon fulfill your big dream. You will need knowledge and wisdom to cope with the new stage of your life. Be calm and patient.

High school

A dream about high school means that you will be lucky in love. It can also mean that you live in a different reality, perceive the world or live like a teenager.

If you see or are in a high school, the dreamer warns you to expect minor problems at work.

College (studying, learning)

The dream can mean prestige and success. It also symbolizes hard work leading to a goal. It also signifies the need to expand knowledge, especially specialized knowledge.

Catholic school

The dream means peace and happiness. It can also mean an escape from everyday life, dissatisfaction with a situation. However, hope for good changes, the dreamer assures that calm and stress-free moments will come.


Boarding school

A dream about boarding school means that you are worried about your professional responsibilities. The Dreamer assures you that your decisions will be mature and wise. You should just concentrate on your tasks and you will get a good result.

Dance school

The dream means that you are struggling and improving to achieve your dreams and goals. You are capable and can do things. The dream is synonymous with development and growth.

If you dream that you are a dance teacher, it means that good news is coming. This dream precedes a celebration.

If you dream that you are a participant in a dance class, it means that you are a creative person and will continue to grow. It is also a sign of cultural development.

This dream is a sign of joy and happiness.

School corridor

The dream explains that the difficult moments are already you. Now a peaceful future is waiting for you. Rest and get down to the implementation of your plans. Let wisdom guide your decisions.

Another meaning of the dream can symbolize your life path. Difficult moments are ahead of you if the corridor is dark, or joyful if it is lit.


The dream is a foreshadowing of some kind of test, a test of life, it can be about ordinary everyday situations, or it can refer to exams in waking life, or how to behave in some situation that requires a decisive attitude.


New school

The dream indicates that you should follow your intuition and sensitivity, and the result of your efforts will be surprisingly positive. The dream also suggests that you miss something or someone from the past.

Old or abandoned (empty) school

The dreamer realizes that you have been a little lazy lately. It’s time to get down to business.

Another meaning of the dream is that it’s time for a long-delayed visit. The dream can also mean a longing for school, for friends you have not seen in a long time. You should meet them as soon as possible.

A dream about a crumbling school can symbolize that someone is trying to thwart your plans, so discuss it only with people you trust completely.

Going to school

The meaning of the dream makes you realize that change is necessary and that you must come to terms with this new perspective. In some cases the dream can indicate that you will have a difficult start in your professional life because you do not adapt easily to changes. However, they are necessary and you will be better off if you accept them now.

Take someone to school

Try to help people who need it. You may not notice the problems of your loved ones.

Another meaning of the dream is that you are worried about someone, perhaps you are overprotective (who are you seeing off in the dream?).

To be in school (to be a student, a pupil)

This dream means that you will go through social and cultural changes. You will expand your knowledge and be able to share it with others. The dreamer notes that this is a good time to try new things, and if you are persistent and work hard, you will achieve your goals.


The dream meaning suggests that some of your customs and old habits should be eliminated as soon as possible. You must make serious and mature decisions.

Leaving school

A dream about leaving school is a sign of the arrival of news that will make you happy. In particular, it may concern plans that you thought impossible to carry out – but for this to happen, you must be open to new ideas.

The meaning of the dream suggests that you should learn from your mistakes. Be aware that you have evolved, and that your recent mistakes were important for your development.

Running away from school (truancy)

If you dream of running away from school, it is a sign that you need to treat others better, be more humble and always respect your elders. The dream is a warning to be more disciplined and responsible at work.

To be expelled from school

This dream predicts that someone will oppose your career plans.

Being expelled from school in a dream should force you to reflect on whether your decisions are really your own or whether you are being influenced by others.

Graduating from school

If you dream of graduating from school, it means that you are going through a good time in your professional life, that one cycle has closed and a new one is opening up for you. The dream is a good omen for the future.

Going back to school

The dream means that you are not moving forward. You are constantly reviewing your past and your concept of life. You are often accompanied by anxiety, which causes difficult situations.


A dream about going back to school can also mean that you have difficulties at work, perhaps you feel as if you are in school, constantly being checked and evaluated.

The meaning of the dream suggests that at work you will be asked to do much more than before. The dream assures you that your efforts will be well rewarded.

Dream Meaning: School

  • Elementary school – it’s time to grow up
  • High school – living like a teenager
  • College (study) – broadening your knowledge
  • Catholic school – peaceful and stress-free moments will come
  • Boarding school – worrying about career responsibilities
  • Dance school – fighting for your dreams
  • School hallway – let wisdom guide your decisions
  • Test – you are facing some kind of test, life test
  • New school – follow your intuition
  • Old or abandoned (empty) school – it’s time to get down to business
  • Go to school – changes are needed, accept them
  • Accompany someone to school – support those who need it
  • Being in school (being a student) – trying new things, making mature decisions
  • Leave school – learn from mistakes
  • Running away from school (truancy) – treating others better, being responsible
  • Getting kicked out of school – don’t let others influence you
  • Finishing school – starting a new period in your professional life
  • Going back to school – having difficulties at work

Mystic dream meaning – school

In general, this symbol foretells that fate is preparing some kind of test for you, and it depends only on you to pass it successfully.

The meaning of the dream of school

If you dream that you are in school, it means that when you wake up you will be tempted by something forbidden.

If you dream that you are studying at school, it means that in real life you are not realizing some of your ambitions for a talent you have, but you are not using it.

If you dream of going to school, it foretells that you will meet with recognition from your superior.

Going to school foretells that something will soon happen in your life that will discourage you from further effort in some matter.

A boarding school foretells some misfortune for you.


Boarding school means that on the surface you are a very vain person and like to show that you are better than others, even if objectively this is not true.

dream schoolAssociation: – Education, discipline. Question: – What must I learn? What have I already learnt, so that I do not need to deal any more with it?

In general:

Over and over again the dreamer sits alone after many years, like once, in the school desk – soon, soon with the former companions, – but as an adult, soon with different people of his life circle. And again he should solve, like once, duties. These duties look like school duties and, nevertheless, it are evident not. In front in the dream school there stands that particularly strict teacher of the childhood, but it can also be a man who resembles the today’s boss, a friend, or an old unknown man is. A certain subject is treated, and one would have, above all the dreamer to answer properly. One stands once again during a check. After the identity card of the dreams the school hours and to her have stamped itself from the outside seen mostly a little important events deeply in the memorial tablets of the unconscious of most people. The school hours are what also, by the way, the so dull reminiscent talks always for strangers of the adults point to, anyhow over and over again topically and mean apparently more than only recollection. In almost all cases the school dream is the symbol of the present life school in which we get all our duties assigned, have to finish our amount of work, possibly the execution of a bigger conflict in adequate time and to pass the check of the existence. In the dream we are called for an answer, but the question is a life question, often put by the allermächtigsten destiny. It seems that from the unknown teacher leaves ‘in the notebooks’, in something that he would hide with pleasure. Or he should be able to talk into foreign language, into language possibly of the feeling which it has never remained maybe still even qualified, and to him, therefore, foreign. And, nevertheless, the life situation requires that now once the feeling speaks. Because in the school dreams the complete personality of the dreamer, the questioned and to the achievement called I, in addition the school-friends, as well as, as a higher authority, in him the teacher is included (the dreamers themselves is the whole school, the schoolboys and the teacher), there is in this school no more whispering, no deception possibilities and no excuses. In the dream school one can not even play truant. If it is tried rare proofs once, the following dreams with a very nasty aspect answer this. School dreams are to be meditated very severely.


It is the recollection of the unconscious that one never finishes learning. The dream points to the school of the life, on the quota which is assigned to us, on the check which stands in mental respect. If the dreaming has found a new access to his personality and learns again to handle with her, then this expresses itself in the dream often by a school situation or by means of a classroom. Even if the dreaming tries to file old outdated ideas and draughts, or if he learns to handle differently with power and feelings of the inadequacy, his sensations win through in this vision. Prompting or telling is not possible in this school, tails only surely not. Here ours is called I for the achievement. The school is an important part in the life of every person. It is also the place to which one attaches as a rule the first relations beyond the family, and, hence, she can symbolise the possibility to find out new relations. One also gets to know competition ability and group affiliation first at school. School mostly asks to learn from experiences. Sometimes points out on it that one must count in the next time on a check of the destiny. Because here the learning is in the foreground, one can suppose that bigger changes come up to you. They must adapt themselves once again and make themselves close with new sides of the world. What the dream means, if one went to school again in the dream, depends basically also on the personal setting to the school hours. Maybe one needs just one new spiritual challenge or a bigger sphere of activity for own mind, e.g., by the study of a new field or a new hobby. However, if one how many others – which hated school points then a dream in which one pressed the school desk again, on the fact that the shade of the unrühmlichen school hours still lies on one. He maybe wants to say, one should escape from the image that one must work to live instead of living to work. He advises one to look for possibilities which a positive setting to the everyday life promotes.


At the spiritual level the life itself is the school.



  • see: Annoyance get,
  • with children: you have missed a lot,
  • stand before it: you have a disagreeable way before yourself,
  • go in: anxious future,
  • are in it: one should watch out to repeat committed mistakes and mistakes, – also: one should watch out to think to himself about important decisions not enough and to approach frivolously to important duties,
  • come out: the put up fear is past.

(European ones).:

  • the life will impose on a new check,
  • see: one is about to repeat an already once committed stupidity and should learn from an experience, – disagreeable brings and reminds us any time to be diligent, – annoyance with another person for whom one himself has been to blame,
  • visit one: if honouring promises in the literary creating,
  • visit own former school: Discontent and discouragement overshadow the present,
  • even a young schoolboy be: Worries and setbacks will cause that one longs for the easy responsibility and joys of the past times,
  • to themselves see sitting as an adult on the school desk: now one must process something from his child time and youth, – moreover, the life wants to give a lesson to one, so that one understands that one is always only ‘a schoolboy’,
  • as a person

  • the set tasks right do not make: one is to be undertaken in the concept something what one does not understand,
  • children at school see: one will come to the pleasure of well-being and prosperity,
  • see a teacher there: one will learn and enjoy pleasure,
  • inform: one aims at literary abilities, – however, the necessary things must make headway first in the life.


  • visit: your future is protected, – luck,
  • hold: you are slightly excitable,
  • in it be: you will experience disagreeable,
  • of full children: many worries,
  • children would enter: you well provide for yours.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : School

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