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dream syringeIn the dream a syringe refers to the fact that the dreaming have himself about the influence, the other person on him, account puts away. The interpretation depends on whether the syringe is used to remove something or to inject something. A sprayer can refer in the dream either to male energy or to soiling.


The syringe is the picture of the penis in the dream. Has to the dreaming fear of the syringe, this mostly points to sexual inhibitions. If there are in the dream connection difficulties with the syringe, this can be due to power difficulties. If the dreaming tries to influence other people, he must be aware of that in which manner he does this. He can go forward very much emphasised and get the right place, but it is also possible that, besides, he wastes himself. The dreaming should pay attention not to generate pain any more than is absolutely necessary.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Syringe


Here the syringe in the dream symbolises the piercing consciousness which can refer to a certain access to the spiritual Itself.



  • get injection: you have not enough energy,
  • of the fire brigade: your love is only a straw fire,
  • operate: your impatience brings damage.

(European ones).:

  • (fire syringe) see: if a joyless surprise tells in,
  • splash with one: a well-intentioned action harvests bad wage,
  • are splashed by one: one will come in a thing of the rain to the eaves,
  • (medical device) promises wrong news about the bad state of a relative,
  • see a broken one: one experiences a bad phase of bad health or worries because of low business mistakes.


  • (fire brigade), work on it: you will stand by a friend,
  • see going: Danger,
  • besides,

  • are watered: you are curious.

Dream Symbols : Syringe

Syringe - dream interpretation and meaning
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