dream sawAssociation: – Abscission, – separation. Question: – What do I form?

In general:

Saw should announce a degrading work after Old-Indian dream interpretation. Moreover, the following accompanying circumstances are to be considered:

  • A saw can see to announce a separation from which one derives benefit.
  • with the saw work asks to avoid no strain and trouble.
  • dull saw expresses that one goes forward wrong and will achieve no success.


How many other sharp or sharp objects the saw also embodies in the dream energy to assert itself aggressiveness, activity and the ability. The saws in the dream point to something drastic in the awake life. Who saws, maybe wants to escape from a bad situation, – he sees another working with the saw, a separation probably approaches by own culpable behaviour which can be taken, however. If the dream saw is not sharp enough, one hardly gets rid of a grief. The saws sometimes point to the thought that one wants to rid himself of a person. Importantly for the dream interpretation are also the objects which are worked on with the saw. Further details mostly arise from the whole dream.



  • see: your plans become from envious people crosses, – also: must count on a humiliation, – sign of the separation of a person,
  • hear the noise of a saw: one should allow himself for some time more rest,
  • work with it: you will reach only by big strains to the aim, – also: one will be responsible for the loss of an important person or an object and cannot help other people in her grief.

(European ones).:

  • purely sexual, partly on perversions outgoing dream,
  • see: if a separation tells in which is an advantage, nevertheless, – luck registers in enterprises, if diligence and perseverance exist, – also: somebody wants to a modest and press,
  • carry one on the back: one will take over big, nevertheless remunerative responsibility,
  • work with it: if improvement of the relations means in foreseeable future, – one will get rid of a tiresome person,
  • saw wood: contains difficulties which must be overcome,
  • other see working with one: one will have losses by the fact that other from the facial circle disappear,
  • use a handsaw: if an active and busy time as well as a happy family life forecasts,
  • big saws in a machine see turning: one will supervise an enterprise which yields considerable profits, – A woman promises this dream that it is estimated and is given to her advice attention.
  • want to use a dull one or saw with it and cannot saw the object: one will not be able to escape from tiresome people or from an unpleasant relation,
  • see a dull one: one works with inexpedient means, therefore, the success is missing,
  • rusty or broken ones see: points to failure and bad luck,
  • find a rusty one: the chances are good to regain the property,
  • lose one: one takes part in enterprises which flow in a disaster,
  • hear the noise of a saw: stands for thrift and prosperity, – one should allow himself more rest.


  • work with it: you will be degraded,
  • see: your wishes will come true.

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