dream sailorAssociation: – navigate in emotional waters. Question: – For which feelings do I take over the responsibility?

In general:

Sailor embodies the wish for a change which one must initiate with foresight and consideration. Because the sailor with the element water (feeling) is connected, it is in the dream a sign for the dreaming that he manages with his emotions well.



In this vision the forces which bring order in the feeling world of the dreaming are reflected. The dreaming probably has the need or the wish to solve his problems without foreign help. However, it can also be that he hopes for male help or for protection. He plays on our life trip the role of an assistant who provides for the fact that nothing goes wrong. Who argues with him, could lose in the awake life a helpful friend or colleague.



  • see or speak: undertake provisionally no bigger trip, so that you have no misfortune, – also: announce a long trip, – also: you must count on infidelity in the love.

(European ones).:

  • are an omen for long, thrilling trips, – also: one should search the fulfilment of his wishes not further in the distance, because the luck lies quite near,
  • operate with them friendly: means pleasing, unexpected news, – points to unusual events,
  • with them get in fight: Li> tells extremely perilous events in,
  • Miss’s brightness and misfortune on the trip, –

  • Dreaming a young woman of sailors, she will separate from your lover because of a violent flirtation with another. If she is with aboard, she will break out of her usual rhythm and come to danger to lose a loyal lover.


  • see: your trip will be perilous and interesting.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Sailor(s)

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