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Meaning of dream Quarrel :

dream quarrelIf a dream trades of the fact that the dreaming with an other dream figure argues, this points to an internal conflict. If a man with a woman or reverse argues, this is a sign for a conflict between desire and intuition. Quarrel with an authority, as for example of the police, is a tip to a conflict between right and wrong. If one sees, however, two foreign people arguing with each other, one has the need for harmony and rest. If one himself argues with a real person, one should think over his relation to this.


The quarrel is in the dream like in the reality a discussion with which the words are the weapons. A quarrel often seems in the dream if feelings, thoughts or actions of the dreaming contradict. Depending on other contents of the dream, a quarrel is able in the dream on a conflict between that what the dreaming has learnt, and what he believes point. Such a conflict can be often solved only by an emotional outburst.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Quarrel


A spiritual conflict or a conflict between the spiritual one and the physical can be expressed in the dream as a quarrel.


To argue with members of the family is not good, also not with strangers, however, less badly. If a sick person dreams of arguing, he will go crazy. To argue with better-off, means, e.g., with men, rulers, powerful figures and every kind of higher put, one will be roofed by the persons concerned with whom one clashed badly.



  • in general: if a destiny full of change forecasts for the coming years,
  • have: an irritating loss suffer, – also: you hear the opinion more different about yourself.

(European ones).:

  • promises a process which one will lose,
  • experience: Dream of the opposite! If means forthcoming reconciliation, – harmonious partnership,
  • because of a little thing: if bad health constitution and unfairness forecasts compared with others,
  • argue with educated people: stands for certain abilities which one develops, however, only slowly,
  • other hear arguing: meant dissatisfied shops and disappointing trade,
  • with a young woman is this a sign for big incommodities, – with a married woman it points to separation or lasting discrepancies.


  • have: relations full of change,
  • hear: Reconciliation.

Dream Symbols : Quarrel

Quarrel - dream interpretation and meaning
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