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Quicksand drem interpretation
Meaning of dream Quicksand :

dream quicksandAssociation: – Insecurity, – instability. Question: – Where in my life I need a more respectable foundation?

In general:

Quicksand in the dream symbolises a lack of security. Earlier he was associated in the dream interpretation with business difficulties. Treibgut (sandy one) means that one frightens internally disoriented, or has despaired and threatens to set in these feelings, – the required not seldom psychotherapeutic help.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Quicksand


If the dreaming feels enclosed in his dream of quicksand, this is a tip that he is in a difficult situation which he has not necessarily caused himself.


At the spiritual level quicksand in the dream points to the fact that the religious foundation of the dreaming is neither sure nor reliable.


(European ones).:

  • to you temptations will approach which you can hardly master alone, – means loss and deception,
  • cannot escape from it: one is involved in big misfortunes,
  • then

    Dream Symbols : Quicksand

  • Becoming a young woman of her lover from the quicksand saved, will have them a worthy and loyal husband who loves them constantly.

Quicksand - dream interpretation and meaning
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