A dream about the brain

A dream about a brain

A dream about a brain

Dreams about the brain are usually unpleasant nightmares. In some versions, a monster is trying to eat the dreamer’s brain, or somebody is trying to take control over it, in others somebody may be trying to shot the dreamer’s head or stab it with some sharp item…

We also happen to have dreams about terminal brain diseases, psychic disorders, etc.


When do dreams about the brain occur?

Dreams about the brain in horrifying contexts usually occur when we are frustrated and suppressed, or when something is hindering our logical thinking.

How to interpret a dream about the brain?

Brain – the source of our all intellectual powers, memory and consciousness, but also the unconsciousness – it often appears in our dreams when we dealing with some problems and looking for solutions in real life.

A dream in which somebody or something is trying to eat our brain may express our worries about people who are trying to suppress, silence or marginalize us, while a dream about a brain disease is related to a person or an item, which is causing us problems or is stressing us. Surprisingly, a dream about having something removed from our brain is a good sign – it suggests that we will be able to release from some psychological barrier or an obstacle, which has been limiting us.

In case of a repeatedly appearing dream about the brain, we should think about what role it plays in our dream – whether it is sick, there is an item stuck in it, it works automatically or somebody is controlling it, etc – and then try to relate it to our real life and try to solve the problem which is bothering us.

How would Freud interpret a dream about the brain?

Freud believed that dreams are the manifestation of our totally unconscious desires, that is why a dream about the brain would probably not arouse his special interest. He claimed that dreams will never help us solve problems, they may only consist of the “remains of the day”, which mix in a dream with our unconscious, hidden desires.

How would Jung interpret a dream about the brain?

In his interpretations, Jung never referred to the brain itself, however he believed the skull to be the first spherical form and the place where “the spirit of intellect” lives (Anima intellectualis).


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about the brain

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