A dream about a wolf

A dream about a wolf

A dream about a wolf

One of the most interesting and often appearing dream symbols is a wolf. Usually it is interpreted as the symbol of everything negative. Should it be? Obviously, it depends on the contexts in which it appears in our dream.

Interpreting a dream about a wolf or a wolf pack, you should remind yourself your role and behavior in the dream. What did you feel when you saw wolves? Where you scared, or you bravely faced them? Were the wolves aggressive or friendly? These all aspects will help you find the most accurate interpretation.


How to interpret a dream about a wolf?

It is believed that a wolf in our dream symbolizes evil powers of the devil. It is also the symbol of the evil element, wildness, slyness and… gluttony. A wolf often appears in myths and tales as a dark character, but it also has positive, spiritual qualities.

A wolf is a chthonic animal, a companion of the goddesses of the underground (unconsciousness), and the guide of dead souls. Similarly to a dog, a wolf has lunar qualities, which makes it related to Mother Goddess, to her dark aspects in particular.

In its positive aspect, a wolf is the symbol of light, as it can see in  darkness. It is also the symbol of bravery and victory. In alchemy, a wolf is the double nature of Mercury, characteristic of all things. In christian symbolic, a wolf is the personification of the evil powers, which tempt the believers and are a danger.

If a wolf appears in our dream, it is possible that it expresses the untamed aspects of the dreamer’s personality, his own ego, with which he is constantly struggling. It may be also the proof of  psychical tension, confusion in own life – if a wolf appears in our dreams more often, we should try to put our existence in order.

If we are dreaming about an anthropomorphic wolf, it may mean that we have met or will meet an extremely useful and helpful man, and we should do everything not to make him our enemy.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a wolf

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