A dream about a kitchen

A dream about a kitchen

A dream about a kitchen

A kitchen is an important place in every house – the place where we prepare meals and where we often consume them. Usually, we associate it with appetizing flavors, spices, etc.

It often happens in our dream that walking around a house or a flat, we come to the kitchen – the one we know or totally unfamiliar. It is warm and cosy, we can smell the flavor of freshly-made meals. However, sometimes it may appear as an empty and dusty room.


How to interpret a dream about a kitchen?

It has been mentioned many times that a house is a very important place for every human, and it carries a huge emotional charge as a dream symbol. It can recall our memories about a particular moment of our life, it may be the metaphor for life in general… Particular rooms and its functions describe and reflects the dreamer’s characteristics.

A kitchen in the mentality of a modern human has a significant emotional meaning. It is a place around which the family life concentrate. It is where all meals are prepared and long conversations take place… If we are dreaming about a kitchen, it is worth wondering what character this place has in our dream – whether it is pleasant, associated with a domestic idyll, or quite the opposite – empty and severe. Maybe we feel alienated and marginalized by our family? Maybe we feel emotional hunger towards people who are close to us?

How would Freud interpret a dream about a kitchen?

In one of his books, Freud described rooms with open doors as the the symbol of vagina: he believed that rooms are typically feminine symbols, especially a kitchen, which is stereotypically thought to be the women’s space.

How would Jung interpret a dream about a kitchen?

For Jung, a house was always the metaphor for ego, “the residence of soul”. If the locale of our dream is a kitchen, the place where we prepare and eat meals, maybe we are trying to process the information gained by our senses.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a kitchen

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