A dream about a war

A dream about a war

A dream about a war

In a dream about a war, we usually find ourselves standing in the middle of events. Sometimes it is a medieval war, with knights in armors, sometimes it is more modern.

We can hear the sound of exploding bombs, shooting cannons, or firearm… we are surrounded by hurt and killed people, and are looking around, not knowing how to behave. We may also be watching the fight from distance.


The war happening before our eyes may also be associated with the apocalyptic visions and portend the end of the world.

How to interpret a dream about a war?

If the dream about a war is not caused by the trauma we experienced, or the worry about somebody who is on duty, it probably means that we are in conflict with ourselves or with the surrounding. Maybe we are supposed to make a decision about something, but are having a lot of doubts about it, or we are angry with somebody important to us…

Interpreting a dream about a war, we should think about the emotions we experienced in the dream, and whether we can refer the events from the battlefield to some real events. We have to understand that a compromise and finding a mutually satisfying solution is the best way to get out of this situation.

How would Freud interpret a dream about a war?

In Freud’s opinion, a war appearing in a dream is the fundamental expression of human primitive instincts of hate and aggression.

How would Jung interpret a dream about a war?

According to Jung, dreams about a war indicate that the conscious mind is defending itself, trying to suppress the unconscious mind.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a war

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