A dream about a conflagration

A dream about a conflagration

A dream about a conflagration

A conflagration is another often appearing dream symbol. It is usually violent, arouses our fright, dread, and we want to learn its interpretation right after waking up.

There are a lot of versions of this dream – sometimes we see a conflagration, e.g, burning buildings, our own house or somebody’s else, a burning forest, we may be running away from a burning building, be trying to put out the fire, start the fire or save somebody from the fire.


How to interpret a dream about a conflagration?

A dream about a conflagration usually expresses the dreamer’s fear of sudden and dangerous spasm of passion. It often portends releasing the criminal or destructive instincts. It is also a dream about onanism or the fear of impotence. The emotional vibe of the dream indicates how much the dreamer can control or think that he can control himself.

Obviously, a struggle with a conflagration (especially a successful one), expresses hope. If the fire is impossible to be put out, it means that the dreamer does not believe that he is able to defeat his own weakness.

If the conflagration kills someone familiar to the dreamer, it may be the proof of his homicidal intentions towards him/her. Dreams are not the illustration of real feelings, they only illustrate their edge which has been marginalized for some reason, and it now returns to consciousness. That is why some dangerous situations and accidents which involve our close people prove the hidden aversion, but its genesis is not related to the current emotional arrangement. For example, somebody’s good manners may remind us of a past event which we considered to be dangerous or unintelligible. However, it does not concern the situations when we really not like, or even hate somebody.

In some cases, a dream about a conflagration may symbolize the spiritual revival, birth of the new personality, rejecting the old believes or aspirations. Setting on fire a wheel, a clock tower, a treasure chest or some other symbol of destiny, may be the expression of the revolt against own fate.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a conflagration

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