dream pusThe origin of pus follows an infection as a rule. In a dream is able to do itself something which has ‘become bad’ and has infected his surroundings, as a pus point. The dreaming is possibly ‘infected’ with fears, selfdoubts and even envy. To the dreaming it is shown that a negative situation can cause pains and difficulties in his life if it is treated not properly. Pus can announce really once an illness which still causes no symptoms. However, he can be also interpreted as certain qualities of the personality which one suppresses, – then in future these should be considered more because they look usually ‘decomposing’. If another person suffers in the dream from pus education, the dreaming must deal with his internal Negativität and learn to cure himself.


From spiritual view pus is the result of the attempt to fight against something ‘bad person’. Even if the dreaming has already managed this, after the fight he is asked to remove the results.




  • illness, drudgery, – also: Good friends fight for you and stand behind you.

(European ones).:

  • releases from heavy worries, – also: bad omen for love relationships, – problems and disputes approach,
  • with wounds and ulcers: concludes by luck and monetary profit.


  • illness and drudgery.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Pus

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