dream pitPit is understood in general as a warning before problems and conflicts which originate from own behaviour. The dream of a pit draws the attention of the dreaming to a feeling of the desperation or the caught being. Maybe the dreaming is in a situation from which he cannot escape alone, or he is afraid to get in such.

    the dreaming digs up

  • in his dream the pit himself, then this is called that he brings himself in this disagreeable situation.
  • doing

  • Becoming the work, however, from other dream figures, this shows that the dreaming controls his life apparently not really and fears an apparently inevitable disaster.
  • Falling one in the pit, these difficulties are especially big, one jumps over the pit, one finishes from own strength this.


If the dreaming saves other people, above all members of the family, from a pitfall in his dream, this refers to the fact that he owns information which could maybe help them in the solution of her problems. If the dreaming pushes somebody in a pit, he tries to suppress a part of his personality. If one fell in the dream even in a pit, can be this one recollection of an accident which limited to one in the movement or in the thinking and action. The accompanying circumstances should deliver the explanation of this symbol, always roofed that a pit means Underground. If the pit has no ground, the dreaming lacks the means to make up for a former situation.


A pit puts, like the abyss, Nothing and possibly the death. The dreaming has no choice: He must continue, even if he maybe knows that he will fail. This life phase requires a lot of courage.



  • see: you stand before a dangerous enterprise, – get by own guilt in need,
  • dig: you should not boast of your luck,
  • fall in one: you must apply big care if you do not want to get in danger, – also: you have miscalculated and get damage.

(European ones).:

  • tells more loss than profit, – you can make way to an inconvenience still on time,
  • see one: one will suffer a traffic accident,
  • fall in a pit: if means misfortune and grief, – one will have many obstacles,
  • hineinfallen and again hervorklettern: says that also soon better times enter again,
  • put on themselves one: one will suffer by own guilt damage,
  • about one jump: one will achieve his aim, – also: any suspicion about crimes get out of the way.


  • see: Attention One wants to overthrow you.
  • hineinfallen: somebody wants to damage to you,
  • dig: you will incur debts.

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