The dream of potatoes means that you have a great ability to adapt to your surroundings and circumstances.

Potatoes can be grown successfully on almost any type of terrain and in any climate, so the dream says that you can adapt to any place and any situation.


Dream about potatoes

This dream also signifies a strong and enterprising character. You are an independent person, stronger than you think, able to manage yourself and achieve your goals.

Use this time to gain momentum and move towards your dreams, as you are at a great time in your life. Also try to reinvent yourself.

What does the dream of potatoes mean?

Buying, selling potatoes

A dream in which you are buying or selling potatoes suggests that you are probably doing a job that others are reluctant to do. However, this extra work will be profitable.

Another meaning is that you should be prepared to take on a difficult task, as not everyone will be able to do it.

Holding a potato

This dream is a sign that an opportunity will arise in your life and you should take advantage of it.

It could be a job offer or a new skill you discover. You will probably need to take advantage of the situation quickly.


Peeling potatoes

A dream about peeling potatoes symbolises your strength in dealing with criticism. You will soon realise your true potential and know how to master the situation.

Cooking potatoes

Dreaming of cooking potatoes is a sign that you will soon achieve your goal and be very happy.

The meaning of the dream is that you are enjoying the fruits of your labour and that you can now live at a slower pace. Use this time to enjoy what you have.

Eating potatoes

A dream about eating is a sign that you will learn something about yourself, but you need to pay more attention. The dream tells you that you are not paying attention to certain things, and as a result you are missing out on a lot of information that could be helpful in different situations.

Chips, crisps

The dream could be a signal for you to take better care of your health. The dream may also indicate that you need to eat more healthily.

Another meaning may be related to making money. The dream warns against temptation, especially against getting rich dishonestly or quickly.

Planting potatoes

The Dream Book assures that a dream about planting potatoes is a sign of the fulfilment of dreams, goals and wishes. You are about to achieve great success in your professional life.

Harvesting potatoes

A dream about harvesting potatoes means changes in your work. Your team will expand and new colleagues will be very useful to bring even more good results.


Rotten potato

Dreaming of a rotten potato can mean the end of a relationship or a project.

Another meaning is that you should not lose hope in the face of ups and downs. Persevere towards your goal.

Sack of potatoes

A dream about a sack of potatoes indicates that you are stockpiling or accumulating savings. The meaning of the dream is a reminder that you need to take better care of your possessions.

Dream meaning: Potatoes

  • To buy or sell potatoes – you have a difficult task ahead of you.
  • To hold a potato in your hand – an opportunity will arise.
  • Peeling potatoes – you have the strength to resist criticism
  • Cooking potatoes – you will achieve your goal
  • Eating potatoes – you will learn something about yourself
  • Chips, crisps – you will take better care of your health
  • Planting potatoes – you are close to achieving your goals
  • Picking potatoes – you are facing changes at work
  • Rotten potato – don’t lose hope
  • Sack of potatoes – stocking up and saving money

Mystical Dream Book – Potatoes

Dream about potatoes in the Mystic Dream Book : If you dream that you are eating boiled potatoes, it heralds serious financial difficulties for you, and perhaps even real poverty.

Fried potatoes mean illness for you.

Baked potatoes are a sign that one of your loved ones will soon fall seriously ill.

If you dream that you are buying potatoes, it foretells wealth for you.

Selling potatoes means that you will soon receive some money.


If you dream of digging potatoes, it means that you will have problems.

If you see rotten potatoes in your dream, it foretells that recent acquaintances will bring trouble on your head.

Seeing sacks of potatoes in your dream foretells stagnation in your professional life.

Planting potatoes is a sign that some of your dreams will come true.

dream potato

  • eat: your enterprise will be accompanied by success.
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