dream porcelainPorcelain embodies luxury and financial profit which is attained on honest way. Exhausted porcelain indicates an upcoming solemnity, while a porcelain collection signals stagnation and comfort in a glass cabinet. Porcelain shards also promise in the dream interpretation luck. Against quarrel should avoid who smashes porcelain in the dream in the family.



  • see or own: in an uncertain future see, – also: one owns the slope to the good life and, however, the danger exists to go out the measure,
  • break: your clumsiness will spoil a lot, – one will find out an unexpected insult, but in the life still have a lot of luck, – also: one has made a lot wrong for what one cannot make up, – also: one has not learnt from his experiences yet a lot and must learn on top of that,
  • shards: mean luck.

(European ones).:

  • see: is valid for prosperity and economically better times, – a nice family life promises, – favorable opportunities will arise for the plans, – also financial profit from wide distance,
  • smash intentionally or in the rage: unexpected insult, – one does not know at all, how well one has it,
  • see the broken or dirty: one will make mistake with heavy results,
  • shop: you will furnish own household.
  • drop: to be moderate a reminder, in all, – own luck hangs at the moment on a very thin thread,
  • porcelain shards find: if luck promises.


    it are

  • a high personality, you must count on disagreeable things,
  • you count

  • to the middle class, you will have to calculate on illness one of your members of the family.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Porcelain

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