dream pianoThe piano is like most other instruments also a symbol for the femininity. The piano play in the dream the sign is to be understood for the liveliness, the need to talk to others, the strong emotional life of the dreaming and as a symbol for internalization. The keyboard instrument indicates the feeling scale. Besides, the keys to be played with the left hand which generate dark tones to the internal, mental area can be counted, with the right hand to be played to the external, deliberate area. If they feel stick, point to human inhibitions. As by all other instruments the piano play can find out also erotic interpretations. The hands which stroke the keys of the piano, verbildlichen then the tenderness. For the dream interpretation are to be followed also the kind of the music and the sensations of the dreaming. The piano is the most difficult one of the instruments them are to be played, and a good pianist harvests rightly admiration and applause. A dream in one as a pianist appeared and got a lot of applause, looks as a rule extremely reassuring. Who plays it, handles with the work of another person creatively. Only few people are composers. Maybe the dreaming should think about his professional situation and undertake something to use his potential better. If one played, nevertheless, only scales or practiced unsuccessfully a difficult piece, refers maybe to a laborious job in the awake life to which one should dedicate more attention or time. Or has one planned for his current skill too much? To piano plays is an employment which satisfies all aesthetic needs. A piano in the dream is also a symbol of the creativity. Who wants to play the piano, must learn daily and practice. Same is valid if the dreaming liked to use his creativity. It can sometimes warn also about frivolous expenditures or point out to the fact that one wastes his time, – other interpretations can arise from the symbol music.


Creative sounds are a living element by the spiritual development, and the esteem of the dreaming for music can give an instruction to his spiritual progress.




  • see: you get disagreeable neighbours,
  • hear play harmoniously or playing: good agreement in the conjugal life,
  • play: your work brought you success and income,
  • play listen: you look not enough after the environment, this could damage to you.

(European ones).:

  • see: prophesied a happy occasion,
  • see an old-fashioned: one has ignored advice and opportunities, – at the same time it is a reminder to avoid in future old mistakes,
  • charming and sensuous piano harmonies: if signal success and health,
  • hear unharmonious music: must soon deal with many irritating matters,
  • hear funeral music: forecasts the same times,
  • play: means that one will lose with unnecessary matters a lot of time and harvest little profit,
  • shop: one will spend more money than one would be allowed,
  • broken or annoyed: one will be discontented with his abilities, – also: be disappointing about the fact that own children receive no honourings,
  • she gets

  • Carrying a young woman heavy, but fascinating music before, a mediocre friend who turns out, however, very caring, loyal lover.


  • play: you will hear disagreeable,
  • hear playing: you will be disturbed in an important matter by a disagreeable surprise.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Piano

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