dream poplarPoplar symbolises the life, the settings, positions and aims which determine him. The straight, strong tree indicates straightness, the stunted or crippled ones warn about wrong intentions which will fail.



  • greens see: pleasant future, – the destiny will stand favourably with the achievement of the aims aside,
  • a whole poplar avenue: if a carefree life forecasts till the old age.

(European ones).:

  • with sheets and/or blossoms see: your enterprises will be successful, – one is on the right way,
  • see crooked or crippled ones: one should give up his wrong settings as well as his negative basic position, because one runs after usually unsuccessfully to the wrong sighting,
  • Standing a young woman with her lover under the blossoms and sheets of a ‘tulip poplar’, then her hopes will come true. Their lover will look good and be polite. Wealth and friends will surround them. If she has dried up without foliage and, approach her disappointments.


  • see: you can be contented, because your shops will make amends,
  • poplar avenue: a nice life till the age,
  • poplar tree: happy-go-lucky life, joy,
  • pick poplar herb: Prosperity

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Poplar

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