dream pheasantPheasant embodies luck, health, joy of life and success if one sees him in the dream, goes hunting or consumes. Often he often circumscribes mental high spirits or soaringly the thought which easily resolve in nothing. One also pays attention to the colour of the pheasant in the dream.



  • The luck is quite close, one does not recognise it only.
  • see or eat: View of an office or an employment have, – also: one will together be with a nice person.


  • a pheasant makes known to the dreaming that he is in the concept to forfeit inalienable sympathies. If he does not succeed in steering everything again in the desired roads, he will have to accept big losses. Since in general he inclines to put out of tune people, whenever he is in bad mood. (Child)

(European ones).:

  • a luck symbol, ‘The luck is quite close, however, one does not recognise it yet’, – you will win by legacy or inheritance a lot, – you are splendour-loving,
  • see: meant joy, – hearty cohesion among friends,
  • see with the courtship display: a lot of luck in the love is to be expected,
  • catch or shoot: good advancement in the occupation, – also: own pleasure about the needs put more different,
  • the wild pheasants who were shot on a hunt: own self-esteem will rise or it will be given one a special honour or a privilege.
  • eat: one will well entertain you, – health, – also: the jealousy of your woman could keep you from meeting your friends.


  • eat: a visit comes to your house, pleases you about it,
  • see: finally, you must pay your debts.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Pheasant

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