Postman - dream meaning

Postman drem interpretation
Meaning of dream Postman :

dream postmanAssociation: – Work on the communication. Question: – What want I to hear or say?

In general:

He brings good or bad news what other symbols can clear. If the maybe most ardently expected postman only passes our house, disappointment will possibly spread in the awake life.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Postman


Are you in possession of news or some messages? Remember that the bearer was often killed by bad news!



  • see: Letter or news in view have, – also: you will receive a present,
  • see going: a negative answer receive,
  • a letter delivering: a letter answer,
  • of post-office officials: you have to expect incommodities.

(European ones).:

  • announces a change.


  • see: a letter which you expect for a long time will arrive,
  • speak: News of your relatives.

Postman - dream interpretation and meaning
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