A dream about a present signifies great surprises that will soon appear in your life. If in your dream the present was the main element and stood out the most, expect great changes.

Dreambook present

This is a good, positive dream that is associated with news, surprises, and professional or personal benefits.


If you had such a dream, it is important to appreciate this moment, because it will enrich your life. Changes will be a part of your life in ways you didn’t expect, and they will make a big difference. With them, progress will be made in every field, thus you will be successful in every way.

To see a gift

If someone is holding a present in your dream, it means that there will be a time of joy and brotherhood in your home. Take the opportunity to create strong bonds with your loved ones.

To buy a present

The dream that you buy a present means sacrifice. The meaning of the dream depends on the value of the present. If the present is expensive, you are sacrificing too much to make the recipient feel important. You should reevaluate your attitude towards this person and put yourself first. If the present is cheap, the dream meaning draws attention to the fact that you sacrifice little for the happiness of others. This is especially true for people who are always there for you.

To sell a present

The dream means that you put aside all occasions and news that reach you, disregarding them, so that you miss the chance to experience special moments. Dreambook advises you to analyze your attitude to know how to spot and take advantage of these opportunities.

To receive a gift (get a present).

A dream about receiving a present means that good news is coming. Someone who is far away may contact you. Distance won’t be a problem, even for the one you haven’t seen for a long time, and if you miss this person, it will be a special moment.

Also, be prepared to revive an old friendship.


If you have been waiting a long time for a result or an answer, you will receive it soon. The dream signifies good news. Be prepared for surprises and assets.
Someone will pay you an unexpected visit. The most important thing is that the contact is no longer lost because this is someone very special.

To give a present

A dream that you are giving someone a present means that you feel an asset by offering someone something from yourself. Giving is associated with gratitude harmony and light, and joy.

The dream meaning foretells that you will enjoy yourself. Dreambook also indicates that you have a desire to give happiness to others.

The dream may also indicate a desire to confess your feelings.

To wrap a present

Hiding your feelings, opinions, and especially resentments can get you into trouble. Don’t let it affect your life in unexpected ways. However, be careful how you express your thoughts, desires, and feelings. Irrational attitudes can cost you plenty.

To unwrap a present

The dream means that you are in the process of discovering something good, whether you are discovering yourself or something external. You are going through an important moment in life. Focus on it. The dream represents the need for further development. Try to appreciate every study.

A present for a date

According to Dreambook, you can expect some kind of surprise in a relationship. Positive news will come. Thus, get ready for changes.

Devote yourself to your relationship, and enjoy it.


If you are single, the dream may herald the beginning of a relationship or the improvement of your relationship with yourself.

Wedding present

A dream about a wedding present is related to your relationship. You will learn something that will be important and decisive. This could be a very important period in your life. Dreambook advises you to pay more attention to your partner.

If you are single this may be the time to improve your self-awareness, get to know yourself better, and spend more time on your own pleasures and development.

Birthday present

The dream means that you will be lucky or meet a kind surprise. This is a time when your biggest dreams will come true and you will feel happier. This dream also indicates that you will surprise someone very close to you who needs help.

A present for a child

The dream expresses your feelings, concern, and love. It can also be a signal that reminds you to pay more attention to your child, and to spend more time with him, no matter how old he is.

Sweets as a present

A dream about receiving candy as a present means that good times are coming. But they will be brief moments, and the novelties that appear will be fleeting. Therefore, make the most of these moments, because a wasted opportunity may never return.

Jewelry for a present

A dream that you receive jewelry as a present means that your financial life will improve. Your efforts will be appreciated, and you will feel the respect and appreciation of others. Enjoy this moment.

A present from a female colleague

Meeting someone will help you succeed. In addition to financial gain, you will receive a chance to improve your relationships with other people. Take advantage of this opportunity, as it will strongly affect your life.


A present from the deceased

The dream is a signal that someone with whom you have not been in contact for a long time still cares a lot about you, thinks about you, and maybe even supports you, although you may not know it. This may be a person who lives far away from you, whom you may have even forgotten. It is worth renewing relationships with people who were once important to you.

A failed present

The dream signifies upcoming disappointments and frustrations. Prepare yourself, because times will be difficult, but remember that every situation has its good and bad sides and some presents can be exchanged for something else you like. Thus, be prepared to get around the situation as well.
It is also a sign that you have high expectations of others.

Dream meaning: present

  • To see a present – there will be a time of joy in your home
  • To buy a present – think about your behavior towards others
  • To sell a present – do not underestimate the opportunity and the news
  • To receive a present (get a gift) – be prepared for surprises and an asset.
  • To give a present – you want to give happiness to others
  • To wrap a present – don’t hide your feelings
  • To unwrap a present – you discover yourself, develop yourself
  • Present for a date – pay more attention to your love life
  • Wedding gift – pay more attention to your partner
  • Birthday present – your biggest dreams will come true
  • Gift for a child – devote more time to your child
  • Sweets for a present – short moments of happiness are ahead of you
  • Jewelry for a present – your financial life will improve
  • Gift from a female colleague – someone who will help you succeed
  • A present from a deceased person – someone who cares a lot about you, thinks about you
  • A failed present – you have high expectations of others

Dreambook mystic – a present

When in a dream you buy a present, it is a signal that in waking life you enjoy a peaceful and good life, because you are a reasonable and honest person.

  • Making a present foretells some kind of profit for you.
  • When you dream that you are giving someone a present, it signals that the person for whom you have warm feelings does not feel the same about you.
  • Receiving a present heralds some kind of loss for you.
  • A birthday present appearing in your dream foreshadows that some person will appreciate the efforts you are making.

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