dream puppetPuppet mostly expresses that one feels dependent, – this is able to do itself on other people, passions or specifically to addiction means cover which one abuses. If in the dream a puppet seems, the dreaming maybe has the feeling to be able to influence circumstances or people of his surroundings. Nevertheless, the puppet can also stand for the mechanical processes of the being, for those things which automatically happen in the background.


If another dream figure leads the puppet, the dreaming maybe has the feeling to be manipulated. It is the job of the dreaming to fathom what he contributes in the everyday life to the fact that he becomes the victim. If the dreaming is steered by a puppet, he has understood that bureaucracy causes for him difficulties. What had to go, actually, to the advantage of the dreaming gereichen, has changed into a sort of Manipulator.



At the spiritual level the puppet means in the dream that the dreaming understands himself as a puppet in the plan of the bigger whole.



  • you has to express no own opinion,
  • puppet show: an uncanny experience.

(European ones).:

  • see: meant loyalty of sides of the subordinates,
  • be: one is dependent from some or to someone.

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  1. a odd dream

Dream interpretation and meaning : Puppet(s)

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