A dream about a parrot can be a representation of new achievements and discoveries in your life, but also a foreshadowing of falsehoods in friendships.

It can also be a warning against gossip and people who like to plot. A parrot symbolizes talkativeness, which results in arguments and gossip.


Dreambook parrot

To see a parrot

The dream may indicate new discoveries and completely unexpected facts. It can also be a warning about a serious situation in your life. Dreambook indicates that you should observe more than comment, and look more than talk. It is also an indication that you should start noticing details and pay more attention to what is going on around you.

A dream about a parrot may indicate that you will suffer from gossip, so it is important that you try to protect yourself from this.

Flying parrot

Dreambook indicates that you are getting closer to your goal. If you have been planning and striving for marriage, looking for a new job or additional income, or maybe you wanted to go on a dream trip, then right now you have a chance to achieve it.

If in your dream a parrot is flying it is a sign that you are close to achieving a goal you have been dreaming about for a long time. A flying parrot symbolizes freedom, hope, and newness.

Parrot nearby

The dream means that you are a person dependent on someone. Your emotional relationship is quite large and keeps you in a bind, which prevents you from growing. You need to face life and make choices, you need to start walking your own paths.

Parrot in an unusual place

The dream symbolizes bad tongues. The meaning of the dream indicates that people speak ill of you behind your back, and spread rumors. Be careful with whom you share your life and to whom you tell about your problems.


Sleeping parrot

The dream foretells the arrival of peace and quiet in your life. A dream about a sleeping parrot indicates that the period of fights and arguments between members of your family, including yourself, will come to an end. Try to keep your nerves in check and seek agreement.

Pecking parrot

The pecking of a parrot says that something very important is coming. These can be new opportunities in any area of life, but especially the dream announces a new job offer

A pecking parrot symbolizes health and prosperity.

Young parrot

Dreambook indicates that there will be new things in your life. The dream foretells health, money, and hope for the realization of dreams. You are on the right track to stabilize your life.

Parrot in a cage

Dreambook suggests that some information that was kept secret will suddenly see the light of day. You will be negatively surprised by this. Accept the facts and do not unnecessarily shake them up.

Parrot on the shoulder

The dream foretells peace of mind. You will not be bothered by things that do not matter much. Try to carry out your plans and do not let bad decisions affect your well-being.

To play with a parrot

Playing with a parrot in a dream is a warning not to trust anyone. In the coming days, try to be more attentive and reserved, don’t question others or brag about yourself. Rely primarily on yourself.

To teach a parrot to talk

A dream in which you teach a parrot to talk is a sign that you will have problems in business, especially with employees who have not yet learned to do their jobs the right way or who are stubborn. When something goes wrong, you will have to take the time again to translate and study step by step to avoid further inconvenience. You need to be patient, but also firm.


Talking parrot

The dream shows that there are people who talk plenty about you, spreading rumors. When you see a parrot talking in your dream, try to pay more attention to the people you live with and stay away from those who do not offer you anything good.


Pay attention to your behavior, and don’t be too grouchy, as this could lead to an argument. Dreambook warns against getting too emotional about problems.

Various parrots (several parrots)

A dream about several parrots shows that you are looking for news, embarking on adventures, and looking at the world from a completely different point of view. This is what you need right now. Grow, change, and gain new goals.

Parrot and other birds

Dreambook explains the meaning of the dream as an expression of indecision and persistence in an unclear situation. This may be because of love or something you do not want to admit. Other birds in the dream indicate that the person you desire belongs to a world other than your own.

Dead parrot

If you saw a dead parrot in your dream, you should review your social life, and take a better look at the people with whom you have a relationship. Everything indicates that something is not going well, mainly because there are malicious comments about your life.

Parrot colors

Blue parrot

A dream about a blue parrot shows that you are free and full of hope, optimism, and joy. If you are coming out of a bad period, start enjoying a new stage of your life.

The appearance of a blue parrot in dreams is also associated with communication. This dream means that you have difficulties in expressing yourself and in dealing with people.

Green parrot

The dream predicts financial gain. The clearer the shade of green of the parrot you saw in the dream, the greater the benefits. Money can come from various sources, you may also receive it, such as an inheritance.


If you have a business, it is likely to grow and generate more profits. If you are an employee, your work will be appreciated and you have a good chance of promotion.

Colorful parrot

The meaning of the dream is a warning against selfishness. Pay more attention to the needs of others. Perhaps you don’t see them, or maybe you just don’t want to see them.

Dream meaning: parrot

  • To see a parrot – pay attention to details, and observe your surroundings.
  • Flying parrot – you are getting closer to your goal
  • Parrot nearby – start walking your own paths
  • Parrot in an unusual place – be careful who you talk to about your problems
  • Sleeping parrot – there will be peace and harmony in your family
  • Pecking parrot – something new and asset will come
  • Young parrot – you are on an asset to stabilize your life
  • Parrot in a cage – accept the facts and don’t dwell on them
  • Parrot on your shoulder – try to carry out your plans
  • To play with a parrot – rely primarily on yourself
  • To teach a parrot to talk – be patient and firm
  • Talking parrot – watch out for gossip
  • Ara – control your emotions and nerves
  • Different parrots (several parrots) – you look at the world from a different point of view
  • Parrot and other birds – you are indecisive, something is unclear to you
  • Dead parrot – take a better look at the people around you
  • Blue parrot – you are entering a new and better stage of life
  • Green parrot – there is a chance for a lot of profits
  • Colorful parrot – pay more attention to the needs of others

Dreambook mystic – parrot

  • When you dream that you see or hear a talking parrot, it is a sign that someone is about to tell others some big secret of yours.
  • Breeding a beautiful, colorful parrot heralds that your life will be interesting and devoid of monotony.
  • When you dream that you are feeding a parrot, it is a signal from your subconscious that there is a woman in your close environment who is very envious of something.

dream parrot

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Parrot

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