dream peachPeach is understood as a symbol of erotic needs, – sometimes he can point to a good, deep love relationship, often, however, on a brief adventure, this arises from the personal living conditions.


Cherries call at the ripening period brief pleasures and deceptions, beyond the ripening period, however, vain strains.




  • see: stands for the small private luck, – you can enjoy your unexpectedly found again love, wedding, – also: if one remains give, one needs to give himself around his future no troubles and can enjoy a happy time in the circle of the lovers, – (16, – 49, – 81)
  • eat: blossoming health attain,
  • of a tree take: a temptation can tempt you wrongfully,
  • get as a gift: one will will try to bribe you,
  • give away: new acquaintances visit and find,
  • immature ones: one must count on vain strains,
  • peach-tree: you have received a secret promise,
  • peach blossom: your love waits faithfully for your arrival,


  • The sign stands for the small, private luck: Financially rather modest, but happy times and some small, unexpected profits approach you. If you succeed in remaining undemanding, you may enjoy a happy time and can also create reserves for the future. (Woman


(European ones).:

  • as a sexual symbol to understand and the ripe fruit is the expression of perfect love, – nice days, reconciliation, luck, wealth and success announce in the love,
  • see one: one may nibble once more of the sweet fruit of the love, – lost believed love can be animated anew,
  • with sheets see in the trees: the chances stand good that one will achieve his aims,
  • after privations and financial victims at the end

  • see a ripe one: the dear luck changes from the passion to the maturity and remains continual,
  • of the tree pick or shake: one cannot expect in the love the time,
  • offer: one is a philanderer,
  • get offered: one deals it with a philanderer,
  • eat: a love relationship is taken by the partner more seriously than is dear,
  • a decayed one: if an unsightly disappointment means in the love,
  • dried up: point to enemies and incommodities,
  • plant one or start: one will reach high places,
  • If a young woman dreams that she picks tasty peaches of the tree, she will get to know with the help of her charming charm a rich man. If the fruits are green, however or knotty, it will bump into envy of relatives, and illnesses will diminish her activity.


  • eat: Reunion with the lovers,
  • in the tree: you will get in temptation,
  • break: good property circumstances,
  • give away: you willbe well taken up in a circle.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Peach

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