dream ornamentOrnament points to creativity and talents which one should realise more, – a certain craving for administration can be connected with it.



  • see: artistic ideas will occupy you, – also: you think of your wedding garment (or official attire), however, it is still too early.


  • Dreaming somebody of an ornament, he is called on for following his spiritual interests and for deepening them. The time is favorable for artistic activities, and it would be good for him to use the art as his expression possibility. He should take care of human depth and remember that earthly goods differ from true luck.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will make acquaintance of artists, – also: stand for the coming conflicts and difficulties which will take up one very much,
  • make: own activities excite the admiration more different,
  • destroy: something beauty is pulled from one or by others in the dirt.


  • see: you will operate with artists,
  • sign: you will decorate your house.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Ornament

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