dream ointmentIf it is in a dream about ointment, the dreaming must make to himself that portion of itself deliberate, can heal or healing needs. The kind of the ointment often gives an instruction to what the dreaming lacks. If the dream acts, for example, from a widespread ointment, this will refer in an uncertain kind of the healing. An ointment, however, which was put together especially for the dreaming concludes by specific problems. Ointment can promise consolation and help after painful experiences. If one buys them, should admonish after old dream books to pay attention more to the health.


Since primeval times ointments are used for the preservation and to prevent putrefaction. Often her use was a sign of the respect. This symbolism can also play even today in the dream a central role. She also heals in the dream. Who uses them, will soon probably be able to forget what still presses to him in the awake life at the moment. Close spread ointment could circumscribe the vain endeavours for somebody in the awake life which is not simply worth it that one deals furthermore with him.



At this level the ointment is able in the dream on a spiritual need, to maintain and to heal, refer, or vice versa and the need for care.


Thus dreamt, e.g., somebody who was laid low ill, he looks a certain Peison. This indicated to him one as a big security and healing, moreover, he prophesied to him, outgoing from the first syllable of the word Peison (Pei, the first syllable of the name in the Greek one iota = 80 + 5 + 10) proves 95 = Pi + Epsilon +, he will live 95 years. The man who had had the dream face died nevertheless of just this illness. Since he had dreamt that this Peison brings him ointments, however, these mean to an ill evil because one gives in a burial to late ointments.



  • Dreaming one, he anoints head and hair with oil from vanity, he will put through everything with all, the powerful figure with the powerful figures, the arms with people his equals.
  • let themselves put together a special one: one has specific problems which contrast with those other,
  • in general: one will quickly recover from an illness,
  • touch: mistrust foreign people,
  • smudge: pay attention to your health,
  • get lubricated: a swindler in the hands,
  • has liked you

  • shop: you get sad news.


  • Dreaming of the emperors, he anoints of the good appearance because of head and hair with oil, he will prepare weapons and war people against his enemies. If the dreaming of the middle owner’s class belongs, he will put on wealth and property more profitably. A pauper will find the suitable words to fight through the life.

(European ones).:

  • nightmare before an illness and one hopes for supernatural help,
  • announces a disagreeable employment in own house, – also: a light illness which gets, finally, a necessary work break,
  • see: if promises healing of a physical or mental suffering, – also: in spite of adverse circumstances it goes well and one makes enemy friends,
  • prepare or shop: one must use patience with a suffering,
  • apply with itself: To help reminder, other in her suffering or not to make to them the heart needlessly difficult,
  • other rub with it: one will find out consolation or help by others,
  • with oil anoint: it announces to itself quick recovery.


  • shop: is careful, your health,
  • spares

  • make: you are forced to a work which gives no pleasure,
  • to you

  • rub themselves with it: Worry and fear,
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he anoints head and hair with well fragrant oil, he will risk everything to protect order and well-being his people, and realise his intention. An easy man will be anxious rather vainly and on respect, a woman from coquetry her man deceive, a farm-hand serve only after the inspection. If looks one of all called that the oil to him runs in thick drop over the face, approach him drudgery, illness and big bad.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Ointment

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