dream opiumOpium can appear as body-conditioned and then point to nervous exhaustion, – this warns about other excessive demand. The drug possibly is also for the inclination to flee from the reality in illusions. Further it can point to carelessness or bad contact.


Who dreams of the narcotic, although he has never taken which, maybe awakes in the deliberate life from a drunkenness of the feelings which has introduced in him nothing. It can be a symbol for the escape from the reality, drunkenness states and self-awareness experiments – completely like ‘in the real life’ also.




  • shop: you want to lead somebody behind the light, danger,
  • take: you should think more of the future and forget the past,
  • smoke: one has very unreal views of the life, danger.


  • poppy juice and his products warn about people with questionable habits. Also one should handle with his forces carefully and not hold them for inexhaustible: The dreaming shows the trend to exploit his body in favour of questionable success.

(European ones).:

  • warns about carelessness, – escape from disagreeable, often also exhaustion of the nervous system, – bad news from lake or an illness of a being close person,
  • see: warns about an inclination, because this can lead in the downfall, – also: foreign people will reduce to one by underhand and enticing methods the chances to become richer,
  • get offered: Warning before a swindler or seducer,
  • enjoy: one is cheated, – one has unrealistic images about own life,
  • others see enjoying: warns about careless society,
  • enter an opium cave: one will get involved in a very risqué enterprise or adventure.


  • see: you will escape by your cleverness of a danger, does not become, however, therefore, high-spirited,
  • take: only by quick action you can escape a menacing danger.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Opium

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