dream ovenOven stands also for a change and conversion to the good, in particular if one recognises in it the glow. If fire is still under the stove, a connection full of glow which can be developed luck-like indicates in the positive. It is also a symbol for ‘bridled glow’ – suppressed or at least controlled Triebhaftigkeit. In modern view something should be baked in the oven to maturity full of shape. If something is pushed in an oven, it should be refined, – it is got out a little bit, a process of development is concluded. If the baking process succeeds and the baked is appetizing, this refers to self-contemplation and maturation, – it is taken too early from the oven, the dreaming to the made demands yet does not feel grown. If the baking work is not eatable, internal opposition hinders the development of the personality. The dreaming is afraid of the ageing.


If one dreams of lighting fire on the cooker or in the oven which flames up fast, it is a blessing and the birth of children means, – then the cooker and the oven resemble a woman because they take up necessary to the life, – the fire in them prophesies, the wife will go pregnant, – then then the woman also becomes more quick-tempered. If one meets, however, fire in them and lets it go out, one will cause to themselves heavy damage.



(European ones).:

  • working opportunity and profit,
  • heat: you can lead your enterprise fast to an end,
  • see from the outside: well-to-do relations become by laborious work that Li> approaches indicated,
  • see the glow in one: Success and luck,
  • prepare meal in the oven: the matters have come at the moment to the shutdown, – also: a matter is understood in the tyre,
  • has burnt the meal: one slowly drifts to the worse, – also: one will have to intervene to prevent a bad idiom in a matter,
  • a successful meal: the thing will well go out,
  • a delicate meal: delicate enterprises will prosper after a while, – however, in every case one should take no risks.


  • light: for what you have planned, will lead to a happy end,
  • hineinkriechen: think not of the past, but search your way which brings you to the aim.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Oven

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