dream olivesKey words: Ancient, – tasty, – oil, – healing, – maturity, – understanding, – being, – experiences, – western soul path. Description: Connecting olive trees, in the medicine wheel with the external position of the western soul path and with the experience, there is since infinite times on the earth. The fruits of the medium-sized trees taste excellently. The oil pressed from these fruits is exterior as well as internal, to the healing and to the cooking, come to the use. General meaning: A very old part of your being, – support to understand experience – preparation on new experiences. Association: Olive trees. Transcendent meaning: A gift of the old forces which must come as allies either directly to you, or only be won by the existence of a test.

In general:

Olive can point to erotic needs. If one eats them, warns about waste. Bad olive can stand for infidelity in a love relationship, the bought one stands for an erotic adventure for which one must pay expensive.



In the vision of the olive goodness and gentleness express themselves. The olive is often a symbol for the femininity and motherliness. To compensate the ability of the housewife and to receive therefore the family peace, as well as her circumspection and care are often shown in this picture. The fruit of the olive tree is to be understood unambiguously erotically. Who buys them and eats, a problem which arises from a so-called forbidden love story or an adultery wants to solve by force. Who collects, however, the fruits, can count on a heart connection. The olive tree is valid in front East as a tree of the knowledge.


With an olive branch the pigeon comes back at the end of the flood to Noah. It is a symbol of the peace.



  • see: one may make to himself entitled hopes concerning an affair of the heart, – also: an issue will soon end well for one,
  • shop: you would differently like to stand there, different seem than you are,
  • eat: you have unusual wishes and spend too much money, – also on delicacies: one should take before rash decisions in dear problems in eight.

(European ones).:

  • symbol of the eroticism, – fruits from the garden of the love are to be picked,
  • see general: an issue which stands still in the space will soon clear harmoniously,
  • in the tree: Success in the love, – found power and new friendship,
  • see how such are picked by the tree or are shaken: Warning before a seduction or not real love,
  • pick or from the tree shake: Reminder to rush nothing,
  • with a playful group of friends pick: there wait good business transactions and pleasant surprises on one,
  • of the tree like on the ground see lying: promise a little and pointless work, – means an inferior love affair,
  • see in the store or in a stand: if promises a dear affair with speculation on the purse of the other,
  • infer from a glass: if sociability,
  • promises

  • break an olive glass: immediately before a happy event experience a disappointment,
  • eat: forbidden or secret love affair, – satisfaction and friendship, – also: in a personal respect one will soon bump into the ‘hard core’ of the reality,
  • rots: meant falseness or faithlessness in the love,
  • olive tree: if means luck,
  • olive branch: if brings progress.


  • eat: is not too prodigal,
  • in the tree: you become prodigal,
  • pick: you are premature.

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