dream oakKey words: Strength, – perseverance. Description: The oak is one of the strongest and most persevering trees on our planet. He was found by many people by all centuries holy. The fruit of the oak, the acorn, is a symbol of the strength and hope which arises from a small beginning. The oak counts to the beech plants. Their fruits showed for many trunks of North America an important food spring. Their wood is from big value, and also her bark fulfils an important purpose, while it serves as a colouring. The bark of the white oak is used most often for healing purposes, – she looks astringent and antiseptic. General meaning: Your own strength and perseverance, – communication about the part of your life which does not stand on a firm, from the outside to be shaken foundation. Association: Versinnbildlichung of the Germanness, however, also Germanic-national-socialist symbol, – with oak leaves decorated, honouring. Transcendent meaning: Perseverance in the dream time, – strength to reach new heights of the understanding.


Not only the dream symbol is important, but also the feelings are it which we connect with him. Thus it is also with certain types of tree. In western countries, e.g., the oak is a symbol for big strength and durability. One looks at oaks since Germanic times as holy trees, itself were associated with natural wisdom, philosophy, optimism and prophecy. Under the oak one met to direct, but also in order to exchange himself and to be sociably together. A strong male energy is inherent in the oak and she symbolises down-to-earthness. Symbolically the oak is also connected Germany where there are typically many places with the name ‘German oak’. Oak symbolises success, then strength, power, influence and stable health, – one stands firmly on the ground of the facts, roots in the origins of own existence. However, partly the need for protection and help is also expressed in it. Symbol of a übertonten masculinity, but also the willpower which looks overpowering. Some psychoanalysts state, oaks in the dream of women could indicate at certain being dissatisfied. The oak can point as a life tree to the maturity of our soul which causes a firmness of own position in the awake life. If one associates the oak, however, with him ‘at home’, so with own family, the dream to one could ask to remember of the background and to rest on him. He advises maybe, on the love and confirmation which one got in the youth, to be based and to give more attention to the advice of the parents.



The oak is a symbol of the immortality.


The oak calls because of her nutritional value a rich, because of her old age an age-old man or for same reason the time. Everything what grows more slowly and matures more slowly, like causes with the oak, the luck as well as the misfortune more slowly.



  • clarifies, green and strong ones: durable health and well-being, – long life,
  • see: frank application,
  • greens with acorns: Wealth and a long life will be gave to one,
  • many oaks with green sheets: good course of professional and personal matters,
  • dry and defoliated: Deaths will strike you and sadden, – sad relations, – his age in loneliness must spend,
  • fell, also see falling down from the storm or flash: big misfortune will meet you,
  • fell: Courage and bravery,
  • of the flash grievedly: Death danger.

(European ones).:

  • symbol of the strong and healthy nature for which one longs – meant always a good event, announces wealth, success and long life, – is further a symbol of strength, perseverance and respectability,
  • the tree, the better the immediate views, symbolises health, long life, luck and success, – the

  • oak with mighty, green leafy crown more nicely
  • many green oaks see: professional and personal plans will take a good course,
  • see a young, healthy tree: for some years yet cannot profit from it,
  • see green oaken wood: promises big prosperity in all situations,
  • for lovers: soon under favorable circumstances in twos through the life go,
  • an oak of full acorns: if growth and transportation forecasts,
  • oak wreath: if means acquisition of well-earned honouring and honour,
  • sit under the oak in the shade: stands often for the feeling of the security and security, announces that one stands under a mighty protection and is promoted.
  • sit on a hot day in the shade of such: a person who is proved to be loyal will protect one against bad,
  • stand during a thunderstorm under one: if tells a danger in which should make way one
  • bald oak warns about the fact that plans fail and one also gets with it only difficulties,-: Warning before business losses, – loneliness or separation of a friend, relatives,
  • dry, split dead oak announce that one will get though in big need, but finds out regardless of again if one does not sink the courage, – announces sudden and shocking surprises, – also: if means misfortune or the death of a noble friend or relative,
  • fell: tells in the downfall of an honourable person to work,
  • to felled ones see or are in way: very serious omen, – can indicate the separation of a being close person, sometimes also illness or death of a relative.


  • green: you can move again more freely, because now the biggest worry is over,
  • deadly: do not despair, it will still turn to everything to the good,
  • fell: Financial difficulties cause to you big grief,
  • without branches: your intention will have disagreeable results.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Oak

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