dream moustache

  • see or have: an innocent joy, – also: you are loved very much,
  • grey: you still plan a lot,
  • of a woman: you should not be so hard.

(European ones).:

  • smaller differences of opinion, – one should not let them degenerate to annoyance,
  • see with a man: a man held up to now for heroes turns out a poor rogue,
  • see with a woman: means in the man’s dream that one will have to laugh with his wife, bride or darlings nothing, – in the women’s dream: before a certain friend one must take in eight,
  • wish: if brings disappointment and remorse,
  • have: Success and profit, – one will be blest because of his egoism and the recklessness badly with earthly goods, – one causes grief to women because one deceives them,
  • get shaved as a man the moustache: one tries to free himself of bad society and to an excessive life to win back a former respect.
  • kisses a woman in the dream a man with a moustache: she has or gets a henpecked husband to the man or darlings,
  • admired a woman a moustache, her virtue is in danger, – she should consider what she does.


  • see: disappointments approach you.
  • grey: futile joy,
  • with a woman: you will find out bad.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Moustache

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