dream martyrMartyr can stand for the inclination to the self-sacrifice or for difficulties self-in debt, indicate hypocrisy sometimes also. Sometimes there appear in it the suppressed qualities which disturb the internal balance. If himself the dreaming experiences in his dream as a martyr, illustrates this his inability to say ‘no’ with stress, and to trade his slope, from sense of duty. If another dream figure presents itself than martyr, the dreaming has too big expectations of this person.


If a dream of a religious martyr acts, this of the dreaming requires to think about his religious education and his faith. Maybe he is guided towards excessive enthusiasm.



At the spiritual level the martyr can possibly show the need of the dreaming in the dream to see himself in the sacrificial role and to lend more sense to his life on this way.



  • you lets someone else carry your guilt, this brings no luck.

(European ones).:

  • see: Warning before mindless action, wrong friends and an unhappy home, as well as losses in important matters,
  • be: one has worries in selfdebt, – one will be separated from friends and from enemies slandered.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Martyr

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