dream marshAssociation: – overpowering, opaque feelings. Question: – Which old emotional patterns slowly change in me?

In general:

Who gets in the dream in a marsh, just begun should better break off or think over anew, – otherwise, then one will not get on surely. If one gets stuck in the marsh, points to desperation in an unclear situation. If it is in a dream about marshy ground, this stands as a rule for emotional difficulties. The dreaming possibly creates these emotional problems and has, therefore, the feeling to stand on unreliable ground.



If a dream of a marsh acts, this can refer to the fact that the dreaming has got stuck literally in the morass. He feels that he is hindered in an activity to which he would like to devote himself, and maybe he lacks assurance or emotional support to make headway further. A marsh can refer to the fact that the dreaming is flooded by the circumstances and feels in vague manner of the circumstances caught.


At this level marsh in the dream symbolises spiritual and emotional conflicts.



  • see: come to a bad situation, – you have murky views for the future,
  • have before himself: one wants to lure you into a bad society,
  • go in: Warning before the coming danger,
  • wade in it: Dangers, – one should file some basic behavioral mistakes,
  • wade: you will have to pay a rather disagreeable thing,
  • get stuck in it or with every step into it sink: you go on wandering paths, but to the return it is not too late yet. also: Incommodities are to be expected above all in the professional life,
  • sink into it: great danger is in the delay.

(European ones).:

  • nightmare that passions could get out of control and one no more steering system have – you will reach after discomfort the right way,
  • see: a plan or an already begun enterprise should be given up, before it is too late, because the smashed way brings only bad luck, failure and worries,
  • make progress in hineingeraten and only hard in it: if means a time of strenuous creating and heavy fights, – the inheritance is unsafe, – a disappointment in the love,
  • go by one with clear water and green: it approach a wealth and unique pleasure which are connected, nevertheless, with dangers and intrigues.
  • get stuck in it and into it sink: you must take together at the moment all your forces and keep eyes and ear open not to get by manipulations of your enemies or competitor in very much a mißliche situation, – get stuck in completely: a plan will completely fail, or one will suffer a heavy setback, – one is on a wandering path or now wants to smash this.


  • see: you come on wandering paths.

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