dream manicureManicure stands for superficiality which is deceived towards the external light or strives for false success. If one maintains the nails of an another, warns often about deception attempts which are exposed.



  • hand care: you will injure your fingers.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will find out that one speaks behind the back of one and spreads lies,
  • see with others: one should not dupe himself allow to (be deceptive), because the light is deceptive,
  • allow to make with itself or with himself: if success means in the case of a women’s dream by shining appearance, – in the case of a man’s dream: one will achieve a false success or is bent to feign a not available success,
  • carry out even at someone else: one puts somebody or undertakes an attempt in addition.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Manicure

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