A dream about money can mean that you will soon receive good news, regarding your professional or personal life. The dream can also be a wake-up call to save and avoid spending on unnecessary things.

This type of dream will help you understand how you see yourself. Certainly, the way money appears in a dream says a lot about the kind of life you lead. A dream about money is an opportunity for reflection.


Dreambook money

To see money

The meaning of this dream can have different interpretations depending on your situation in real life. The dream can mean that you have a lot of expenses ahead of you, but it can also signal your worries about material existence.

Banknotes (paper money)

A dream about paper money is a sign that you will find money in real life. Maybe you will discover a stash, or maybe it will just give you an income from some area of life that has been your hobby so far, It may also mean that you will receive more money for your work.


Dreambook suggests that you have problems with emotions. It means that you are emotionally confused and need time to reflect on your life, giving vent to your emotions.

Plenty of money (packets of money).

If you saw plenty of money in your dream it is a message not to make new agreements or contracts. Wait a while to make new investments.

When money appears in bundles of bills or coins stacked on a table, it is a warning against losses. Do not take risks.

Money in an envelope

You have a chance to make some extra money. Dreambook notes, however, that they will come from a source or way of earning that doesn’t quite suit you. Consider this suggestion so you won’t regret it later.


Money in the account

In a dream, as in real life, if you deposit money in your account – you can expect an influx of cash, if you take money out of your account – you are facing considerable expenses. On the other hand, if you just check your account balance, the dream signals that nothing will change in your financial affairs in the near future.

Money in a wallet

A wallet in a dream represents a safe place. A dream about money in your wallet means that you are at a time when you need to save and take care of what you have. Limit your spending.

Money in your pocket

If you dream that you have a pocket full of money it means that you will be successful. The dream represents all your talents and skills that are hidden and not yet developed, but with time they will appear and you will use them accordingly.

To count money

If you count money in a dream, the dream may be a sign of loss. Losing money can lead to an unpleasant event, so it is better to prevent it.

To give money to someone

Philanthropy and generosity are one of the most beautiful qualities. If you dream that you donate money, it may represent your humility and good heart. The dream may also mean that you will receive a reward for something. The dream indicates good and unexpected gains.

To borrow money

Borrowing money in a dream is a sign that you are eating good news, and if you borrowed money from someone or took a loan, such as from a bank, Dreambook advises you to cut unnecessary expenses, and save, because hard times are coming.

To pay

When you pay someone in a dream, it is a sign of happiness in the future and increased material gains. Money will come to you, whether in the form of new interesting job offers or increased profits from investments already made.

To receive money (ask for money).

If you ask for or receive money in a dream, it means that the time is favorable for new investments. You can now buy stocks, real estate or expand your business.


To find money (found money)

The dream is a sign of success in the professional field. The meaning of the dream foretells a promotion. It signals that your financial life will soon change for the better.

The dream means that you will be lucky in life and that you will be rewarded with things that will be of great value to you.

To lose money

Losing money in a dream is a sign to invest in studies, courses, and training, that is, to gain knowledge, because you will need it.

The dream that you are losing money also represents your frustration over something that happened in your life. You feel helpless and vulnerable. You need to stop to reflect and improve your self-esteem.

To win money

The dream that you win money means that you are lucky that you will be successful in your business, and you will soon make more financial gains. If you are looking for a job, expect a raise. Luck will make you able to win something.

To spend money

When in a dream money is spent moderately Dreambook predicts that a stroke of luck will change your life. However, spending too much money is a suggestion to value the spiritual side of life more. The dream also represents a lack of control when spending money in waking life. Plan your spending, and start saving.

To have no money

The dream that you are without money symbolizes the fear of losing the space and things you value most in your life. It represents the fear of loneliness. You may be missing something to fulfill your goals.

To save money

Saving money in a dream augurs well for personal happiness. Dreambook predicts a successful marriage and a peaceful family life. It is also a good time to continue on the path you have chosen.


To steal money (theft of money).

The meaning of the dream suggests that you should focus more on your health, and take care of your overall fitness and immunity. Pay more attention to yourself. Listen to your needs and try to meet them.

To borrow money

If you borrowed money in your dream, hard times are coming in your waking life. Analyze the situation, maybe you can prevent some events. It is worth reducing expenses and focusing on what is important.

To pay off a debt

If you dream that you pay off your debts it means that you will breathe a sigh of relief, and your situation will improve, and stabilize. If you have had financial problems so far, the time of stable earnings is coming, and the opportunity to pay off debts. Manage well what you have.

To burn money

If in a dream you burned money, expect the birth of a child in your family.

Another meaning of the dream suggests a long journey.

Fake money

A dream about fake money means that you will be disappointed by someone you like. Be careful of the people around you, as some may turn out to be fake, just like the money you saw in your dreams.

Another dream meaning warns: don’t do anything that will complicate your life.

Torn money

A dream about torn money may mean that you have made bad financial choices. Another dream meaning may suggest that you have lost an amount irretrievably.


Old money

A dream about old money can mean that your health is weakened, it is worth paying more attention to the body’s signals, strengthening immunity, and avoiding stress. Start valuing your health and take care of your body’s fitness.

Stolen money

The dream about stolen money means that you may have financial, professional, family and even love problems. The meaning of the dream represents anger and fear that you will lose the most important things you have, not only material.

Foreign money, euros, dollars

A dream about foreign money (euros, dollars) means that you are sometimes conceited and ungrateful. Learn to appreciate small gestures. Do them for others. Try to appreciate and praise someone, make their day better, and then you too will feel more valuable.

Summary of dream meanings

  • To see money – you are worried about daily expenses
  • Banknotes (paper money) – you will receive more money for your work
  • Coins (coins) – you have problems with emotions
  • Plenty of money (packages with money) – hold off on investments
  • Money in an envelope – you have chances for extra money
  • Money in your account – you will receive or spend money
  • Money in your wallet – take care of what you have and limit your spending
  • Money in your pocket – you will be successful
  • To count money – you may lose a large sum of money
  • To give someone money – you will receive a reward
  • To lend money – you will receive good news
  • To pay – expect increased profits
  • To receive money (ask for money) – the time is favorable for new investments
  • To find money (found money) – your financial life will change for the better
  • To lose money – invest in study
  • To win money – you will achieve more income
  • To spend money – a stroke of luck will change your life
  • To have no money – you are afraid of losses and shortages
  • To save money – luck will not abandon you
  • To steal money (theft of money) – listen to your needs
  • To borrow money – limit your expenses
  • To pay off a debt – your situation will improve
  • To burn money – there will be a child in your family
  • Fake money – you will be disappointed by someone you like
  • Torn money – you have made bad financial choices
  • Old money – start valuing your health
  • Stolen money – you are afraid that you will lose the most important things you own

Dreambook mystic – money

  • When you see money in your dream, it is a sign that unexpectedly you will have to incur considerable expenses.
  • If you see foreign money, it foreshadows you to participate in some risky venture.
  • Earning money is a harbinger of happiness in love awaiting you.
  • If you dream that you found money, it means that you will manage to protect yourself from incurring some significant losses.
  • When you dream that you possess money, it is a signal from your subconscious that in waking life you are a very conceited person.
  • If you steal money, it is a warning from your subconscious that if you do not exercise increased caution in the near future, you may fall victim to theft.
  • Losing money heralds short-term good fortune or misfortune for you.
  • When you dream that you give money to a beggar, it means that you will soon have some great benefits.
  • Winning money foreshadows a pending setback.
  • Exchanging money foretells that you will have great luck in professional matters for a long time.
  • Paying with money means that you will have a lot of money just for yourself.
  • When you dream that you received money, it foreshadows great costs you will soon have to bear.
  • Counting money heralds a lot of earnings for you.
  • Spending money heralds that you will gain a lot in a financial sense in the near future.
  • When you dream that you are saving money, it is a sign that your situation will improve quite unexpectedly.
  • Falsified money appearing in your dream heralds some kind of disappointment for you or foretells that you will fall victim to a scam.
  • When you hear the clanking of money in your dream, it means that you will soon receive some information that is not very good for you.

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